10 Signs of Psychic Empathy and What Psychic Empathy is?

Learn the basics all about Psychic empathy and how you can start by setting boundaries. Focus and how to control empath abilities learn to set the boundaries you should always be in charge of. This article will help you with the clear signs of an empathetic psychic

Should we be the one in charge but how do we control it, we will discuss this more in-depth in this article.

We will help you find out just what psychic empathy is?

Being an empath is a unique gift many seem to think otherwise “is it a gift”, yes it is a gift and by setting aside some boundaries you will learn to use it wisely.

Do you remember in the movie when Peter Parkers Uncle said: “Remember, with great power. comes great responsibility”.

Which we will also explain more but just by that phrase you can kind of know what it actually means.

Remember, With great power, comes great responsibility:  We can look at it this way, having empath or any other psychic ability we should use them wisely and only for the good of yourself and for the good of others.

Psychic Empathy – What is it?

So what is Psychic empathy? I have been asked this plenty of times by many people. With the Empathy abilities, this means the person who is the “empath” can feel and sense the emotions of others.

They do not need to be told by the individual how they are feeling the empath just senses and feels this without being told. We will also touch upon a basic form of Shielding techniques further down this article.

If you feel you are a psychic empath or you know you are then learning to shield can help. Without shielding, you may find that you are feeling drained and overall exhausted as we are absorbing energies of the people we interact with.

The psychic type of empathy ought not to be mistaken for the fundamental human feeling of empathy. – The vast majority can feel empathy for someone else without essentially being a psychic empath.

The primary distinction, in any case, is that somebody who is a psychic empath regularly gets non-visual, non-verbal signals. In that of another individual is feeling agony, dread, or delight.

Some of the time this involves recognizing the certain energy fields or atmospheres, different circumstances, it might be just an instance of “knowing” that the individual is feeling a specific path, regardless of no undeniable pieces of information to that impact.

10 Signs of Psychic Empath

  1. Judging someone straight off the bat: People say you should never judge someone until you get to know them. Well, on similar lines anyway, which is true to some extent. What I mean by this as an empath, you don’t mean any harm when you judge them. It is not like you are calling them out. You always know when there is something not quite right about a person. You keep it to yourself and later find out you were right all along.
  2. Feeling uncomfortable in someone’s presence: This ties in similar to the above, ever been in someone’s company and you feel awkward. You get the very uncomfortable feeling in the pit of your stomach. You try and make excuses to get away as quickly as possible without being rude.
  3. Emotional Ups and Downs: Waves of depression in small doses then bursts of happiness and joy/excitement not long after.
  4. Concerned more about others than yourself: You know the feeling when you get more excited about someone else success than your own. You could also have issues and problems going on in your life. When you see someone else going through emotional trauma you decide to help them. You put your own problems aside and help others. You may also get someone saying to you “you have your own problems forget about mine”. But that is the caring empath in you, to help them.
  5. Feeling illness for no reason: Ever been feeling great one minute and all of a sudden out of nowhere you feel ill. A sure sign of empathy is the changes in health wise for now reason. Like the weather hot, cold and hot again, this is similar to how your body and emotions connect.
  6. You Sense others Pain Emotionally: You can immediately sense other peoples pain and suffering. You know when someone is wearing a fake smile, they are smiling pretending everything is ok. When you know something is up with them.
  7. Can Sense when someone is lying: You are like a human lie detector you know when someone is full of it when they speak.
  8. Been called too Sensitive: “Your far too sensitive for your own good, your going soft in your old age”. You know the sayings, you probably heard it many times been said to you before. This is also a sign of being psychic empathy “Empath”.
  9. You care what others think of you: You know the saying when someone says to you who cares what others think of you. That is correct you shouldn’t really care what others think of you as long as you are happy. But it is not that easy as an empath because we do care what they think about us.
  10. Sensing Atmosphere: You can instantly walk into a room where there has been a recent argument and sense it. You may also walk into a room just before an argument and sense that there is going to be a disagreement about to happen.

Creating And Setting Boundaries

Here is a way to create and set some boundaries for the great psychic empathy out there or even non-empaths.

Follow these boundaries below and do try to follow them to see a much more powerful success.

  • Getting rid of the Negativity: This is one of the important boundaries as in life we may come across negative people. You know the ones, where they have to be negative about everything. This also means certain things you watch on television from horror to war movies. This all creates a negative impression on you and your life. So if you like these things at least cut back a little well as much as you can really.
  • De-cluttering: Being organized is also a good boundary by having that clear out you been putting off. If you go free things and have to think if you need something then most likely you don’t. I am not saying throw everything out just get rid of the unnecessary items you do not need. It is always good to be organized and be able to find things when we put them down.
  • Meditation/visualization: I tend to do this first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Once you start doing this and getting to the point where it becomes a routine. You will notice an increase in energy and can also be good for blood pressure. I have written a very in-depth article on meditation for beginners you might like to check out.
  • Grounding/protection: As for meditation and visualization try and do some grounding visualizations as well.  I spend between 20 – 30 minutes doing this.
  • Affirmations: Using affirmations daily can be an excellent boundary, also can improve your life altogether. Just simply affirmations like “I love my self” and “I am positive and only allow positive energy in my life”. Make your own up write them on Post-it notes stick one on your fridge so you always see it. Every time you see them say them. Here is a good one and not many know this but use an affirmation as soon as you get up in a morning, place a post-it note on your alarm clock.

You Need Boundaries as an Empath

As I mentioned for the use of your boundaries to set if you are a psychic empath.

If you don’t set boundaries and discipline your ability seriously you may feel as tho it is starting to take over your life.

And that is not something you want to go through, sure we will feel pain and emotionally situations around people we meet and greet or even clients who we give a psychic reading to.

But, these boundaries will make you feel more comfortable and as an empath let YOU be in control and not the ability have control over you.

Do try to do all on the bulletin list above but also focus most of your attention to the bottom 3.

  • Meditation/visualization
  • Grounding/Protection
  • Affirmations

These are the main 3, all of them are important really but the main bottom 3 is very important as meditation allows us to calm and relax.

Mixed with the visualizations helps focus your mind on something and go deeper into relaxation as this alters our brainwaves. Which in these types of states we can often reprogram our minds and the way we think.

The grounding allowing us to be connected to life force energy to the earth, protection is for protecting us and works great in empathy work. Creating psychic shields so that negative thoughts and actions bounce right off you.

These all mixed together can help you in any empath situation, the affirmations not just help our empathy abilities but also our confidence.

Help to control your empathy abilities by implementing these main 3 and all the above and you see your empath much easy to control.

Different Types Of Psychic Empath

There are various types of psychic empaths and individuals who have different degrees of the capacity to get and receive energy in different structures.

These below are different forms of psychic abilities and to some degree use the psychic empathy ability.

Psychometry:  This is the ability to sense and receive feelings in energies through objects. Objects can hold energies, for example; say your friend passes you their watch it will have their energies imprinted on the object. You can easily pick up feelings and other senses with emotions.

Telepathy: With telepathy, you can read minds and the thoughts of others.

Mediumship: Is where the Medium picks up energies and communicates with the spirits. As some would call it “talking to the dead” which I hate using the words. As for me we never die we live on after this life.

Physical Empath: This is the ability to sense and to pick up on symptoms from others.

Emotional Empath: Very simple this one is really, using their psychic empathy to sense others emotions.

Psychic Empath Traits

General characteristics traits of an empath incorporate emotional episodes.

This happens in light of the fact that the empath is grabbing on feelings from other individuals and energies from all over the place.

So one minute an empath can be feeling good, and afterward, they might be furious or discouraged for no clear reason.

Empaths may likewise encounter physical torment, fundamentally cerebral pains, with no evident reason.

An empath is probably going to create physical indications of other individuals. Unless anyone knows they are an empath, they can feel like they are going insane. Kids that are empaths endure the most.

Empaths are additionally known to be to a great degree bashful, may create dread of open places or swarms, or experience the ill effects of “free drifting” tension, cerebral pains or discouragement.

They can likewise get migraines, torment or uneasiness before catastrophic events, regardless of where on the planet they happen.

Numerous empaths unconsciously permit their vitality and will to be redirected by the way toward engrossing the different temperaments and energies of other individuals.

An empath is regularly drained and depleted. In outrageous cases, they can be effortlessly startled and secluded.

Empaths that prepare themselves to connect with changes in energies and in the vibrations of other individuals have a favorable position.

Individuals are frequently attracted to empaths on the grounds that they feel that an empath comprehends them. They can be agreeable and loose when conversing with an empath.

How To Control Psychic Empathy

Do you know when you get a look at another person’s enthusiastic experience or their emotions or torment? You can truly feel it for a minute and infrequently it may have an impact on you.

This then brings you to tears or inspire you to help somebody. With saying that is what we call empathy.

Psychic empathy Overactive empathy

Then again, is the point at which you have that experience of opening up to another person’s feelings and experience.

However then as opposed to returning to yourself subsequently and being focused on your own needs and emotions, you stay ‘out there’ – ingested in every other person’s ‘stuff’.

In social circumstances, you can detect what every other person is feeling and considering. This could be even strolling past individuals in the street, you can feel and sense what they are going through with them.

With psychic empathy, physical empaths can even get physical agonies/pains and emotions that aren’t theirs.

Psychic Empathy – How do you beat it?

you have to tune back into YOU to have any chance of psychic empathy to beat empathy. So as to get focused, you have to check in with yourself candidly in any event once per day and tune in to how you feel.

Make the odd notes before you to go to bed on how you feel and why. At the point when individuals request that you accomplish something before you say yes, check in with how you feel about it.

Don’t simply feel their need and afterward react to that. Set aside the opportunity to wind up noticeably focused and for your emotions to come through.

Now and again your own sentiments about things set aside an opportunity to come through when you’re excessively tuned in, making it impossible to everybody else’s.

Meditation with psychic empathy can likewise be a decent focusing apparatus with a routine and done more frequently.

Which can also, envision reviewing your overall energies over from other individuals and feeling complete once more. When I feel like my energies is in fact ‘out there’ and ungrounded.

I regularly do a reasonable amount of visualizing where I see my own energy returning to me. from the web/internet where I’ve gone by, the general population I’ve conversed with, the spirits I’ve addressed and the people I’ve done readings with.

A perception like that just set the aim to take your energies back to you and can be extremely useful.

Also, using some general form of psychic protection and grounding exercises before coming in contact with anyone can help.

Empath Shielding Techniques

The basics of this exercise are to create a shield or force field around you for protection. In order to do this and I say this all the time but do try to include meditation and also visualization as a daily routine.

Having an excellent vivid imagination is brilliant when using these as the visualizing and meditation will be much more effective.

To start by going into a meditative state, visualize a powerful shield or bubble around you.

This is similar to the psychic protection we spoke about in a previous post. Visualize this as vividly as you can, try and see this as clear as you possibly can.

Know that this shield only allows certain information about the individuals you are conducting a reading for.

You can set the shield to your liking and also ask your guides and angels to be present.

Making sure in between with deep breathing, allowing your shield to protect you from negativity and pain of others emotions.

You can also see a cord grow from your tailbone and go deep in the ground so you are connected to the earth.


It is necessary to set yourself some boundaries. Discipline your mind and focus on the things to help your psychic empathy ability.

The meditations and visualizations all mentioned above do work and putting them in place will be so beneficial.

Learn to use your empath abilities wisely, in a way that it doesn’t take over and give you more harm than good. Love and light and I wish you all the best on your spiritual journey. You may like my other article on spiritual awakening signs.

Oh, remember your guardian angels are never far away call them and invite them in your life.

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