Learn how to Develop and tap into your clairvoyant abilities

Having the ability to be psychic is something that we all have as humans. Learn how to tap into your clairvoyant abilities can be quiet exciting and also rewarding. Learning how to tap into this ability also helps you learn how to tap into psychic abilities as we have many other abilities, not just clairvoyance.

We go to people who have practiced this art for years and have become adept at the skill of being psychic. We believe that they have all the answers to the questions that we may have.

crystal ball clairvoyance

Psychics have learned how to tune into their own internal being so that their intuition of life is at the highest level.

The good news is that anyone can achieve and learn clairvoyant abilities.

You can learn how to be your own best friend and learn from yourself.

Anyone can use certain techniques to get at these same levels that psychics are at. It takes time and practice and the rewards will be tremendous.

How to tap into your clairvoyant abilities is not as hard as you think it might be. It’s all about trusting yourself and allowing yourself to explore. Be curious and the world will be open to you.

Addressing the following traits to get into the world of clairvoyancy is a great start for you.

Trust yourself with your first reaction to a situation. That feeling is intuition. Respect the fact that intuition is an instinct that we all have.

If you feel nervous about a situation then there is a reason for that. Respect yourself for the hunch that you gave yourself.

Give yourself the benefit of the doubt and know that this exists for a reason. You are the best judge for any situation that may happen to you.

Learn to meditate on a regular daily basis. Although there are many ways to meditate, they all lead to a path of calming the mind.

Once the mind is calm, then all can be well. A quiet mind does not encounter nervousness. A peaceful calm mind learns how to deal with situations and give you signals.

Trust those signals. Better still further down will be some tips and exercises on how you can get started and tap into your clairvoyant abilities today!

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Clairvoyant Abilities & What is Clairvoyance?

So what is clairvoyance? what does it actually mean? Clairvoyance is an ability where the person the clairvoyant, gets messages from unseen sources.

This can be psychic intuition or even been given messages from spirit sent to the clairvoyant for them to then interpret.

There are also tools that help go towards developing our clairvoyant abilities such as divination tools. These can be scrying bowels to tarot and angel cards.

The meaning of Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance means “Clear seeing” it is an ability which is using our second sight. Inner visions with our inner eye can be trained through meditations and above all importantly Visualizations.

What is a clairvoyant medium?

A clairvoyant medium is a go-between the living and the spirit world. Someone who brings information forward to someone who has lost a loved one who is deceased “talking to the dead”.

The Clairvoyant receives messages from spirit in the form of visions, symbols, and imagery in the medium’s inner eye (third eye).

How to strengthen clairvoyance

Developing clairvoyance and your clairvoyant abilities take time. Some adapt quickly to these meditations and exercises and progress on with there abilities.

Please do not dishearten if nothing seems to be happening straight away. Don’t give up just keep practicing, use any of these exercises.

Try all the exercise below and also the third eye exercise in our third eye article. The third eye is the most important part of developing and strengthening clairvoyant abilities.

The third eye is the main seat of your intuition and your psychic visions using your clairvoyance.

Learning how to tap into psychic abilities by strengthening your clairvoyance with meditation and visualization techniques. Be also to check our ultimate guide to developing your psychic abilities.

Signs that you have Clairvoyant abilities

We are all psychic, we are all born with the gifts we call psychic abilities. Our abilities are so much stronger when we are children, as we grow up we are been made what is real and what is not.

This alters our ways of thinking and then our imaginations seem to have changed over the years.

What I mean is when we were kids we had an awesome imagination, like I said before imagination and visualizations are the main sources of our clairvoyant abilities.

This is why we have many visuals as a child and can connect more to spirits and aka have imaginary friends, which often turns out to be our spirit guides.

Let us dive right into the top signs to look for to know if you are connected more to your clairvoyant abilities.


You are very visual, especially in your dreams. You may dream every night and when you do a dream they are so vivid and feel so real.

The visions in your dream stand out in color and sound as well as often your dreams feel like premonitions.

When I say premonitions, I mean you have a dream and maybe days, weeks or even months the same moment in your dream happens in real life. There has been many dreams I have which later have happened.

If this is you also please comment at the bottom of this article let me know. I also love to interpret dreams, let me know of your dreams. I will also make future articles on dream interpretations.


You may have picked up an item of someones and soon as you touched it you start sensing and seeing visions.

This is what we call Psychometry the ability to pick up on psychic impressions through touch.

You can sense things from inanimate objects, just by touching and holding the item you get an extrasensory perception about the item you are holding through visions in your mind’s eye.

Heightened sense

You seem to have very heightened senses than anyone else you know. Perhaps when the phone rings you know who it is before you pick up the phone.

There are a variety of situations that are a sure indication that you are in connection with your clairvoyant abilities.

You have visions while daydreaming, and also you sense deja vu multiple times. You can easily visualize in your mind and also you may suffer from headaches more than anyone else. This can also relate to an overactive third eye.

Isolation – Alone time

This is a common sign that you are strongly connected with your clairvoyant ability. You feel the need for some alone time, you tend to feel more energized when you are alone.

Maybe you are one of those who say to people “I like to keep myself to myself”.

A lot of people are mostly connected with their abilities stronger who tend to be on there own most of the time.

When they seem to be in groups they feel low energized and seem to easily pick up on negativity. You feel more yourself when you are on your own.

Clairvoyant exercises – Developing clairvoyance techniques

  • Meditation: Meditation is the key to success in developing your clairvoyance and your clairvoyant abilities.
  • Visualizing: When working with higher energies and wanting to tap into your clairvoyant abilities. It is important to Visualize as often as you can, this is important for clairvoyance. I will mention more further below and give you a great method.
  • Playing Games: Playing games with cards or games with friends can help with developing clairvoyance. I will give you a few examples below after the discussion on meditation.

Meditation for strengthening Clairvoyant abilities

I have a number of past articles/posts on meditation. In-depth meditation for total mindfulness, read my meditation for beginner’s post.

A quick re-cap meditation here for you to help relax and focus more ideal for your energy vibration to raise.

Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for the next 10 minutes. All you are doing to relax is breathing exercises a simple meditation. Sit with your back straight and close your eyes.

Start by breathing in with your nose and holding for the count of 6, then slowly exhale out through the mouth.

You will need to keep doing the breathing over and over again. So keep deep breathing in through the nose holding for the count of 6 then exhale out the mouth.

Repeat this breathing method for 10 minutes and this will help you go into a deeply relaxed state. Once you are done you can try the below method which is important to learn to visualize for developing clairvoyance.

Visualizing Method – Clairvoyant Abilities

Visualizing is very important when developing clairvoyance and working with any clairvoyant abilities. Because clairvoyance is all about clear seeing in mind, this is how clairvoyants receive messages.

They receive these messages through images, symbols, and video like clips playing to them in the mind.

The job as the clairvoyant is they have to decipher the messages they are getting and interpreting it to the client or whoever the messages are for.

So make sure you are in some kind of relaxed state, preferably in a meditative state. Now to practice visualizing and doing this daily will strengthen your inner vision (third eye).

The more you visualize the stronger and the more open your third eye will become and more active.

I will mention more about the third eye in other articles. The most also recommended way to develop clairvoyant abilities is to also learn the chakra system. Learn about the chakras and opening the 7 chakras.

The bouncing ball Visualization

visualizing ball

When you are ready to close your eyes and visualize in your mind a beach ball. Try to see the beach ball as clear as you possibly can.

The more vivid and real you get it to be in your mind’s eye the better. Your objective here is not to just see the image clear in your mind, but to see how long you can keep the image focused in your mind.

Start by visualizing the beach ball bouncing now and try to keep it going in your mind.

Play it in your mind like you are watching a video, this may take a few practices at first.

If your mind wanders off then take a deep breath and bring it back to the bouncing ball. See the ball bounce, hear the sounds in your mind see the colors on the ball.

Make it stronger and when you get good at this visualization then bounce the ball faster.

Try to keep the ball bouncing for at least 5 minutes before you stop. Practice this method a few times, do it daily just for 5 minutes a day will truly be beneficial for you.

Clairvoyant Abilities – Card Games

clairvoyant games

You will need a deck of ordinary playing cards, then shuffle them up for a while so they are completely mixed up.

You then need to make sure they are faced down, every time you pick one card up do not look at it try to sense if it is red or black.

Try to make 2 piles for red and black, when you’re holding a card, allow the color to form in your mind’s eye.

Visualize as much as you can and go with your first impression. If you think it is red put it in one pile, then pick the next card up. If you think it is black put it in a second pile, do this until you have gone through all the cards.

Score yourself after counting on how many cards you got right. You be surprised at how accurate you can be and how many you will have got right.

Zener Cards Great for Clairvoyance

Zener cards are a deck of cards that are all a set of 5 symbols used to test someone’s ESP skills (Extra Sensory perception).

Using Zener cards will increase your sixth sense and the main ability of clairvoyance and telepathy.

how to use zener cards

You may have seen a scene from the movie Ghostbusters, where Peter at the beginning of the movie was doing a psychology test with 2 participants.

He would connect them up to a machine and allow them to try to predict which symbol card he was holding. If the participant was wrong, they would get a shock.

Well, only in the movie that wouldn’t happen in real life. It kind of remembers me of the Milgram experiment. I thought I would share the video below of Ghostbusters and you will see what I mean.

They actually sell these Zener cards on Amazon, I did some research for you all and put them below.

The playing card exercise which I mentioned above is the same way you use these cards, apart from not putting them in piles.

It is easier when you put yourself in a meditative state. you try to predict which card has been chosen by trying to manifest the image in your mind’s eye.

You can also buy Zener cards on amazon check it out here where I got some of my Zener cards on amazon.

Third Eye Opening Using Crystals

Using crystals are a great way to help with increasing your psychic clairvoyant senses. Either by meditating with them around you and also placing them on the third eye area between the eyes (brow section).

You can use amethyst, fluorite, lapis lazuli and quartz some also use the tiger’s eye (gemstone).

Also, carry them in your pocket and it will give you the intentions about your goals. You will notice the difference between them being carried around with you.

You will feel the energy and also check our in-depth guide on opening the third eye here.


Learning to tap into your clairvoyant abilities can be tranquil when you know-how. I do recommend sticking to it if this is something you are keen on learning as it takes time and dedication to see results.

Developing your Clairvoyance to wind up plainly an incredible Clairvoyant can be simple however you should invest the energy and exertion. Utilizing and putting to good use our Clairvoyant ability improving tips will help Improve your clairvoyant ability.

So you can see all the more insight inside your mind by establishing and understanding your dreams. Helping you see things from an alternate perspective and have the capacity to speak with spirit friends, and family and help other people when directing a clairvoyant reading.

When developing and practicing your abilities, I always suggest to others that they practice their skills on others.

You will easily learn how to strengthen clairvoyance abilities and your own intuition by doing any of these exercises on this article. I will also be adding more to this page frequently to keep things fresh.

Be sure to let the person know you are still learning and needing to practice, you be surprised at how your accuracy will come when doing this, and it will boost your confidence on the way.

Feel free to share the below image on Pinterest and show your support, Thank you.

Thank you for reading Learn how to tap into your clairvoyant abilities.

clairvoyant abilities

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