Communication with loved ones in spirit

Communication with loved ones in spirit

Communication with loved ones in spirit is what A lot of people want to know and how they can communicate with their loved ones in spirit. Can this actually be possible?

Join me in this article where I learn you how to communicate with your loved ones in the spirit in various ways of communication.

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“In this guide, you will learn how to open up to communication with your loved one in spirit, this also works with angels and spirit guides”.

The thing that I never say is “I talk to the dead” which comes under mediumship, in my eyes, they are not dead.

No one dies, we live on in a much beautiful place in the spiritual world.

A lot of people do tend to try to judge my beliefs and say “once you’re dead your dead”.

Well, in my eyes that is a rude thing to say and it is kind of disheartening to hear the words come out of someone’s mouth.

Yeah, some people don’t believe that one can communicate with spirits and angels and even our loved ones in the spirit world.

Many people who are going through some sort of spiritual awakening can also pick up on signs of loved ones around them.

But neither can anyone prove that the spirit world doesn’t exist.

We all have our own beliefs and opinions, I would never force my beliefs on anyone.

Rather I just learn those around me who want to learn, who are believers and most of all who are intrigued with the fascination of being spiritually open to this.

So in this article, I want us all together to go deeper in the communication with our loved ones who have passed to the other side we call the spirit world (Heaven).

Learning communication with loved ones in spirit can help us connect one more time with them and say the things you wanted to say them but never got the time.

How to tell if a loved one is around you in spirit

This is a few ways to tell if spirit is around you, one being the sudden change of temperature in the room you are in.

Another way is you may feel the atmosphere change where you are and also tingling and tickling feelings and sensations around your body.

What I find interesting that they can also influence on communications. They can make sure we turn the radio on or television when a certain song is playing.

This could be related to the person in spirit maybe their song from there funeral or one of there favorites.

You may keep waking up at the same time throughout the night.

For example; you keep waking up at 2 am in the morning and struggling to nod back off.

It is fascinating how we can have communication with loved ones in spirit through auditory to visions and a sense of touch.

The most common way they can communicate with us from spirit is through feathers. Ever noticed when you feel emotional or depressed and you find a white feather.

This is normally a sign and communication from your loved ones in spirit that they are around you. This also can be done by your archangels angels.

Why haven’t I received a sign from my loved one

There are a few reasons for this, and some of the time they are trying to give signs and communicate with you.

You just may be missing the signs they are sending you. Not intentionally missing them but they might not be too obvious, they can be the smaller detailed signs which you may not recognize but try thinking back at certain times in your life.

You may remember some kind of signs but you probably thought it was a coincidence. I don’t believe in coincidences things happen for reasons and spirit do work with us and alongside of us.

They are not always able to help, they cannot mess with free will. Most times, as well as all the above which I have stated, is it just may not be the right time for them to connect with you.

Often spirit sees us going through certain situations in our time. If it is a learning curve we are going through they do tend to sit back and watch from a distance.

But this been said does not mean they are not around us they are. If you want to be able to open up communication with loved ones in spirit then try some of the 5 methods I recommend you to do.

This will help you open up more to communication with loved ones in spirit.

5 ways to Communication with loved ones in spirit exercises

Here are my most popular ways and suggestions I have for you all to try with communication with loved ones in spirit.

Some of these make work or not work, well they all work just some exercises will need to be done a few times to get good at performing them.

They are pretty strong ways to communicate with your loved ones in spirit without using ouija boards. Please never use an Ouija Board.

1 How to Communication with loved ones in a spirit photo exercise

This kind of works like Psychometry, the art of communication with holding objects. This can also be done by holding a photo of your loved one whos in the world of spirit.

As always get in a deep meditative state of mind with the deep breathing exercises.

Once you are in a meditated state then hold the photo of your loved one who you want to open communication to.

Want you to feel the energy from the photo, with your eyes closed I want you to see the photo appear in your mind. See it as vivid as you can, see the image and pay close attention to your loved one in the photo.

See the expressions he/she is having at the moment of time of the photo been taken.

I now want you to smile with your eyes remaining closed now take a few more deep breaths and concentrate on a question to ask them.

Start communicating with your loved one who is in spirit and ask them to draw close to you.

Ask them to touch your shoulder, you may feel there presence around you with the tingling feeling you get. Keep practicing this method every so often, this is a great way to contact your loved ones.

2 Communication through a Spirit Box

A great way which can be highly effective if you have good hearing and spotting the difference from sounds.

What I mean by that is with spirit boxes which are used sometimes from static white noise or jumbled up radio frequencies.

There are a few ways of going about this, one of them which is most famously know by on the television series Ghost Adventures. The Sb7 Spirit box which is a handheld spirit box device.

You can also download apps of spirit box for android and iPhones. Make sure you go for high rated apps or ones with many reviews.

How the spirit works are simple, turn on the device whether handheld or the app on your phone. Once you hear the static nice or jumbled up radio frequencies you can ask questions.

Ask if there is anyone is spirit there, or what is your name. Just so you know that it works.

Once you learn how it works and you know how to use the spirit box. You can then use the spirit box to communicate with your loved ones in the spirit world.

Listen carefully to replies when asking questions on the spirit box. Once you ask a question pause for a few moments before asking another question. Which gives spirit time to answer.

Even though I pick up on information with my clairvoyance and clairaudience abilities. I do love using the spirit boxes and see great results when using them.

You may hear names been mentioned and phrases, it is important I would say to use earphones which will block out external noises and you can concentrate mainly on the replies.

This is essentially a great way to have communication with loved ones in spirit and does work really well if I do say so myself.

3 The Mirror Exercise

Communication with loved ones in spirit is attainable through the use of a mirror. This is known as scrying, which there are a few ways not just the use of a mirror.

The most common way is through a proper Scrying mirror and scrying bowls.

The scrying bowl works just like a scrying mirror which is a black bowl you will with water which acts as a mirror and crystal ball.

You can use a normal mirror but the scrying mirror is made especially for the use of communication with spirit.

If you are using an ordinary mirror then as before, get in a deep state of mind using meditation. Get your breathing going as you breathe deep and reach that point of deep relaxation.

While holding the mirror, not too close and too far I would suggest arm length. Deep breath then close your eyes, picture the loved one in spirit you want to communicate with.

Picture them in your mind, and relax and also ask your spirit guide to help them come close to communicate with you. Spirit guides can be a big help with the communication of our loved ones in spirit.

As you ask your guides for assistance and seeing your loved ones in your mind. Ask your loved one’s questions, as I mentioned before.

Tell them to stand close to you and visualize and feel them near you. After a while open your eyes and stare into the mirror. I should also mention this works best in a dim-lit room also light a candle.

Keep looking in the mirror just sit there gazing with a soft gaze and do not move your focus away. As you do gaze and gaze keep thinking of the loved one you want to see and contact.

Ask them in your mind to come closer and to show themselves. After around 5 minutes of gazing you may start to see their presence around you.

4 Automatic Writing

Using automatic writing to communicate with loved ones in spirit is a great communication tool to use.

The use of a pen or pencil and a sheet of paper is needed to prepare for this you will need to be in a meditative relaxed deep state.

Try our deep meditation article or just close your eyes and deep breathe for around about 15 minutes.

Get as relaxed as you possibly can you can also ask your spirit guides to assist you and help.

While doing so as well as visualizing a pure white light forming as a bubble which encircles you.

This covers your entire body, this is your psychic protection shield which is needed when raising your energy vibrations.

Start by writing dear spirit, or the name of your loved one you are wanting to communicate with.

As you hold the pen/pencil slightly without a firm grip make sure it is loose.

Now, as you start writing after a while still holding the pen I want you to close your eyes.

But still making sure the pen or pencil is in your hand and touching the paper. Visualize your loved one you are connecting and communicating with.

Ask them questions, if you feel the pen moving slightly just go with it don’t open your eyes just yet.

Keep writing as you visualize and communicate with your loved one.

Ask them if they want to tell you anything, or also anything you should know. Spend time doing this and communication with your loved one in spirit for a while.

Once you have finished, then open your eyes check the paper. It may look like a lot of scribbles but look closely at the paper.

You may see pictures, symbols or certain words and even numbers. You may have to try to do this a few times this method is powerful and does work when wanting to communicate with spirit and your loved ones.

5 Go see a medium

This one everyone should know about but I had to mention it in the ways to Communication with loved ones in spirit.

Because if you don’t have success in the above exercise then this is optional.

There are many talented mediums out there, but it is ideal to find the right one which is beneficial for your needs.

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We all want the ability to contact and communicate with the people we love in the world of spirit.

This can be possible to do and with the use of meditation and the ways I have mentioned in this article you can achieve this.

This may not work straight away for some, do not be disheartened by this if it does not work straight away.

Practice on the following methods and you will once again be able to have communication with loved ones in spirit.

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