Contact Spirit Guides Communication and Animal Guides

Starting to learn how to communicate with spirit guides and contact spirit guides. can open many doors in our spiritual journey. Learn to communicate with a spirit guide meditation, can help us connect with them.

I will learn you in this article what a spirit guide is, from the signs we receive. You will also learn how to meditate to open up communication with your spirit guides.

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What is a spirit guide?

A spirit guide is an unseen helper, bringing guidance from many sources. In some cases, this can be a family member who has passed to the world of spirit. Most of the time it is someone special to us who we have known in a past life.

We can receive their messages in a variety of different ways, telepathy/clairaudiently and clairvoyantly as we hear them in our thoughts.

They can also appear in our dreams to bring us wisdom great knowledge of intuition. In fact, meeting them in our dreams is the easiest way of communicating with our spirit guides.

How do I know If I have a Spirit Guide?

You don’t have to know you have a guide or if they are there for them to help us in our lives.

But in my beliefs as a psychic and spiritualist, I believe we all have a spirit guide. We are set these guides from birth, these could be also from people we have known in past lives or loved ones in spirit.

Rest assured spirit guides can help us with our intuition and also our psychic abilities.

We can get to know them through deep meditation and visualizations. Carry on reading this article we will find out other ways to contact our spirit guides.

Who is my Spirit Guide name?

Many people do not get to know there spirit guides name ever. This is because some never go into finding out about there spirit guides.

Some don’t even know they have a guide or they exist, but as we tend to find ourselves on the spiritual path we want to know more.

We want to know our guides name, why, why is it so important. Well to us it is important like we have a name like to be called by our name.

Knowing someone’s name makes us feel more connected to someone, so for some, it is important to know there spirit guides name.

You can ask out loud or in your mind with good intent ask them there name and listen to what do you feel or hear maybe see.

This is more receptive when we are in deep meditation, which I will give you meditation in a moment. Getting to know your guide and his/her name is one of the exciting parts of the meeting and greeting of your spirit guides.

Some get the name straight away while others take a long while to get their name. At times your guide will do this if they feel you are ready, but often it is not them who is not giving you just need to higher your vibration to receive it.

What does my Spirit Look Like?

When we first communicate with spirit guides they can appear in our minds in many forms. Some see these as light, while also they can appear in human form and shape.

They also can come wearing different clothes and often some are old-fashioned from a past life. There are many ways they can show them selfs to us, also can be a relative who past away many years ago.

Spirit Guides Signs?

They are a few signs that our spirit guides are around us. The most common suggestion that they are around is when we get the ringing in our ears.

This is often when we are thinking about spiritual questions and questioning if we are on the path to spiritual psychic awakening.

This could also occur when we reach an emotional state this raises our vibrations through our emotions, happiness, and love.

This is to make you aware of there presence, and that they are around when we feel on kinda like a high.

Meaning when we do something good or feeling happy about the things we accomplished our guides love this and want to share the moment.

Once we are aware of there existence then that is when our path changes for the better, more spiritually.

Hearing your name being called, most of us have experienced this at one point in our life’s. Have you ever been putting the kettle or making something to eat then all of a sudden you hear your name? You shrug this off and put it down to “you are hearing things” this is our spirit guides.

You may have heard it when someone is near you, you ask them “whats wrong you just called my name” their response is often “I never said anything”. These are often common responses. The more we have these occurrences the more, we can communicate with spirit guides.

What’s The Difference between spirit guides and guardian angels?

Sometimes many have gone through the confusion, thinking Guardian angels are the same as Spirit guides.

The difference between the 2 is that spirit guides have once lived on earth. Guardian Angels have never walked the earth plains, they have never had a Physical body they have a true higher vibration energy frequency.

How to talk to spirit guides and angels

We can easily speak to our spirit guides and angels, the most effective way is through meditation. We offer insight into our Spirit guide meditation further down this page.

When we meditate and also may I add visualizing into this as well we raise our energies and our energy vibration. Spirit guides and angels work on much higher vibrations so in order for us to communicate we need to raise these vibrations.

Contact Spirit Guides Meditation

So let’s get prepared to communicate with our spirit guides, meditation is the key to communicate with spirit guides. Before we go into the meditation you need to find a quiet place and a time you will not be disturbed.

Try to make sure you are warm enough and not too cold, not too warm. Loose clothing also can help once you are ready then we shall begin.

Beginning Contact Spirit Guides Meditation

Like in all my other meditation when you are ready and only when you are able to not be disturbed for about 20 minutes.

Sit quietly with your back straight, when you are ready to start by closing your eyes and start by taking a deep breath through your nose.

Hold for a few moments then exhale out the mouth keep doing this by repeating the process over again. Deep breathe through your nose hold and exhale keep on doing this while you also in your mind visualize you are stood in a field.

See your self-walking through this field as you see the green grass is fairly short and there are 1000s of daisies. As you keep on walking you see a cottage in the distance keep visualizing your self-walking until you get to this cottage.

Remembering also to take a deep breath in and hold then exhale this is making you more relaxed and raising your vibration higher.

See your self-walk up to the cottage and as you walk near the door you see a box on the floor. On the box, it says no negativity. Deep breath in and hold then slowly exhale, the only way for this box to open is to place all negativity in this box.

You can do this by deep breathing, as you breathe in through your nose visualize white light going in, as you exhale out the mouth see dark grey/black leave your mouth.

This is the negativity leaving your body, do this a few times and you will see the box open. There is just a key in there, visualize as vivid as you can taking this key and you then open the cottage front door.

Meeting your Guide

With your eyes still closed, visualize yourself enter the cottage. Its a nice cottage with a nice fireplace which you notice a door far side of the room.

Walk over to this door, when you get close to the door you notice some writing on the door. It says “Spirit Guide” deep breath in feeling calmer and calmer and higher your vibration goes exhale.

See your self-knocking on the door, then slowly open the door. It is time to communicate with your spirit guide, as you enter the room you see it all white you see someone stood in the distance.

This is your guide, speak to your guide greet your self to him/her is your guide male or female. Most importantly ask your spirit guide what is their name.

You can also ask any questions you want to ask what do you need to know next in your life. Deep breathing, and spending time with your guide getting to know them and asking questions as you spend time with them.

When you are ready, thank them for there time and communication with them and how pleased they are in your life. Once you are ready visualize leaving the room, and leave the cottage. Make your way back through the field with daisies and then slowly count down 10 to 0 slowly.

When you get down to the number 4 tell your self you are very relaxed, 3 calmer and calmer coming more aware. Do this till you finally get to 0 and slowly open your eyes, don’t move straight away relax and feel the feeling.

If you need more on deeper meditations which you can combine when you contact your guides. I have a very detailed article, meditation techniques for beginners.

The Spirit Guides Test

So having done the above meditation you should have successfully communicated with your spirit guides.

Maybe you are still not sure, you think you contacted your guide but want to reassure you have.

You should always trust in them trust in YOU as well as go with what you feel. Go on your first impressions, because usually, the first impressions mean you were right.

If you want to do a little test to see if you are really communicating with your spirit guides then try this technique. After deep meditation I want you to close your eyes if you feel you got your guides name before then call them by there name.

Ask them to draw close to you and stand beside you, if you still don’t know your guides name don’t worry about it.

Just say “I am calm and peaceful please spirit guide draw close to me as I raise my energy and awareness”.

Once you feel the presence of your guide or to tell they are around you ask simple tasks to see if you get a response. What should say “Spirit guide if you are around me touch my shoulder” and wait to see what you feel?

You might feel a tingle or tickle sensation on your shoulder. You can ask them to touch the left or right shoulder, ask if they male touch your left arm.

Also, say to them touch your right arm if they female, mix these questions up and feel the sensations you feel. These are just some of the ways to test to see if your guides are around you.

Contact Spirit Guides Through Automatic Writing

Automatic writing or channeling is a great way to communicate with spirit guides and loved ones in spirit. Automatic writing also allows you to connect with your higher self. Now let’s go into using this to contact spirit guides.

Firstly how does automatic writing work, automatic writing is where you just let go and allow outside influences to engage with you to write messages.

The messages often wrote by spirit using our hands. So deep breathe go into a deep state of relaxation like we did with meeting our spirit guide.

So do the deep breathing technique over and over for about 15 minutes. This is a great way to contact spirit guides.

Bring into the intention of your guide been around you, ask them to draw close to you. If you need reassurance that they are there with you ask them to touch you. You will feel a tingle, tingle sensations this lets you know they are around.

Start off with writing dear spirit guides, start writing questions once done this start to continue to write.

As you write, ask your guides to guide you, you could be doing little doodling drawings or writing something significant.

What also comes to your mind write whatever you sense. Please let it come through naturally don’t judge what you get as this could stop your connection.

Keep on doing this with deep breathing throughout which will keep you calm and go deeper. You may notice the deeper you are the more words are appearing on paper.

At some point, you may not feel your fingers after a while just keep on writing and trust in your guides. Keep on going, what I often tell my clients in developing is there is a little trick may sound harder to do but close your eyes.

Yes, that is right to do this when you feel comfortable doing so. Allow your guides to take over your pen/pencil and after you finish studying the writing. Plenty of practice you will soon contact spirit guides using this method.

End Results Automatic Writing

The results just might look like scribbles, just study the paper very carefully often it can also be very clear.

Take notes on all you see and feel at the times. You may actually surprise yourself on how well you can connect with your spirit guide through automatic writing.

You may sense and feel the guidance of inspiration while working with automatic writing and your spirit guides. Trust in them like they have trust in you, they believe in you so now you believe in you.

When you contact spirit guides or any type of psychic practice always make notes afterward.

This is useful to always come back to much later, especially with journals as spirit and spirit guides can enter dreams. In the dream state is a great way to contact spirit guides and gain insight from them.

What is Spirit Animal Guides

A Spirit Animal is an otherworldly guide who appears to offer love, recuperation and guide all through difficult times. To others, a Spirit Animal is the same as a Totem Animal it is who you in reality are. 

Different cultures and traditions in spiritualism sum up different responses when it comes to animal guides.

It can also mean a certain animal you feel drawn to and may see them in your dreams at night. You can also contact your animal guides just like when you contact spirit guides.

Animal Guides and Their Meanings

Each guide has alternate importance and they can mean something else for various individuals.

The following are a couple of cases of creature soul guides and the regular implications behind their creature totems.

The following are a couple of cases of creature soul guides and the regular implications behind their creature totems.

Bear: Industrious, instinctual, mending, control, power, the gatekeeper of the world, watcher, fearlessness, determination, self-protection, reflection, and incredible quality.

Buffalo: life, extraordinary quality, plenitude, appreciation, consistency, endowments, Sacredness and solidness.

Bull: Insight into the past, fruitfulness, crude articulation, racing into things, certainty, quality, arrangement.

Cheetah: understanding, centre, fraternity, confidence, quickening, Swiftness, slipperiness.

cougar: Leadership, faithfulness, fearlessness, assuming liability, premonition, detecting peril, mindfulness.

coyote: insight, stealth, knowledge and habit, cunning, honesty, expertise and Trickster

Cobra: Swift and unequivocal, the energy of life and passing, change, vitality, associated with time everlasting.

Crab: Good fortunes, moves sideways, sagacious, strange, loose, cycles.

Crocodile: Ensuring your feelings are shown precisely/properly.

Crow: Magical, shape moving, change, innovativeness, profound quality, inelegance, vitality, higher point of view.

Deer: Compassion, peace, scholarly, delicate, mindful, kind, nuance, beauty, womanliness, tenderness, purity, and merchant of the enterprise.

Dog: Noble, loyal, steadfast, instructing, security, direction, compliance, tangible observation.


Communication with our spiritual guides can be a great experience to go through. A few people may struggle, but don’t give up you will succeed be patient and confident. I will continue to add more to this article frequently.

So if there is anything you would like to know more about, drop a comment below. I do hope you all try this exercise and manage to know now how to contact spirit guides.

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