Developing Clairaudience abilities

Developing Clairaudience abilities

One of the main Important psychic gifts, Clairaudience The ability to be able to Psychic hear things. Developing Clairaudience abilities can help us hear spirit, words, sounds and even music with only the inner hearing. Some think this can often sound a little scary.

Once you learn the ability it is a great way to communicate with spirit, angels and our guides. Not only to connect with them and loved ones in spirit but also for guidance and intuition.

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Developing Clairaudience abilities and Why Develop Clairaudience?

Clairaudience is from French words, Clair which is meaning Clear and audience is the action to hear. This is what we then put together we get Clear Hearing which is Clairaudience.

This is what many of us Psychics and Mediums use while conducting our sessions or private readings. The art to hear things that are external ears cannot hear but instead, we hear things with our internal ears.

So why develop clairaudience, you do not have to, many develop this in psychic development some want to communicate with spirit.  Many people just want to hear their spirit guides or even angels communicate with them.

So many times people ask me or say what is it like, or I want to hear Spirit. Some people often think the spirit is stood near you talking to you and we hear them as we would when we hear the television. This doesn’t always work this way, yes sure it is often known they can communicate through our external earing.

Most of the time, we hear the voices from spirit as tho kinda like knowing if this makes sense. For example, when your teacher or parents use to say read it in your head. We would often do so and it is like we hear our own voice reading whatever it is what we are reading.

Another example is, maybe we sometimes stop and think and say in our heads “I must remember to pay the phone bill tomorrow” this is often how we get those clairaudient messages.

A Few Ways To Receive Clairaudient Messages

Clairaudient messages can come from many sources such as, Spirit Guides, Angels, Our higher selves and also loved ones who have passed away.

They can send us messages to give us knowledge or understanding or sometimes warnings.

1. Hearing You’re Own Voice In Your Own Head

Like I mentioned above, the voice is often like thinking of what to have for dinner or a thought. This is your own voice you are hearing.

For example, If I am giving a reading and someone’s brother, or a parent comes through to me I will hear them but in my voice.

Think of it similar to telepathy messages, with practice you will be able to tell your own voice from spirits.

2. Sounds

This can come in forms of different sounds in your mind or also music and words. I may be giving a reading and hear spirit give me a happy birthday song this can relate to the sitter as it may have been a recent birthday.

You may even hear the song they had at there funeral or even their favorite song. There are so many ways to interpret these.

3. Also Physical Sounds

Very often on rare occasions, you may hear sounds with your external real ears. But yet there is nothing around to cause these noises.

Sometimes you may tell someone to turn the music down or off, but they will say they not listening to any.

Another thing is you may have experienced someone calling out your name when you look around the room or where ever you are at the time and no one is around.

You will ask others what they wanted as you think they shouted your name, later to realize they didn’t say anything or maybe no one is around.

4. Voice Of Spirit

A lot of the time spiritual mediums, hear spirits in their own voice. Sometimes spirit comes through and speaks in the voice they had when they were living.

Try not to fear this as this may sometimes block you from learning or to develop more.

5. Signs Of Clairaudient Warnings

Sometimes if the spirit wants to get our attention either when we are in distress or really need to be warned about something.

This may come across as a very loud shout this may startle us but not meant to scare us. This may come as a loud shout “STOP!” to try to stop us in our tracks.

Start To Tune In To Your Psychic Hearing

I am going to share a few simple tricks well techniques to help hear with your inner ears and clairaudience. So for the first test find somewhere quiet no distractions and you must be sitting comfortably.

With your eyes closed, want you visualize in your mind an old fashion radio one with a big tunning dial. In your mind see your self-turning this dial and as you do you will begin to hear in your mind.

The sounds you are hearing are using your inner hearing this is how we use our clairaudience.

So carry on visualizing and hearing the radio as you turn the dial and hear the sound radios make the noise and the odd chatter as skipping through frequencies.

So how does this help exactly, well it’s fine-tuning your inner ears? Making them more sensitive preparing for Psychic Development and hearing psychic information also spirits. Just by practicing this will progress and the more you do this the more your clairaudience will open up.

Sharpen Your Hearing

The most straightforward approach to begin developing clairaudience is to work on sharpening your listening ability. This works on the grounds that as you prepare yourself to hear more in the physical world, it will be less demanding for you to get sounds from the Spirit world.

Again Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths. Relax and feel calm and at peace allowing your hearing to pick up sounds around you.

Focus with your eyes remaining closed, Focus on the sounds around you which you would never normally focus on. Listen in the background may hear the fridge making noise or your own breathing.

Deep Breathe again, and keep listening to the background with your ears. Listen to noises you would not normally pay attention to do this every day for 10 minutes this will increase your chances of developing clairaudience abilities.

Be sure to check out some of the other Clair abilities, I have also an in-depth article on how to tap into your clairvoyance to developing clairvoyant abilities.


When it comes down to developing clairaudience abilities it does take time to pick up on the sounds which are not normally detectable to the human hears.

Dedicate yourself at least 10 minutes daily to practice any of the exercises that I have mentioned in this article.

Comment below if you need any help with anything and I will surely be here to answer and help. I will also keep adding more content to this page, more exercises.

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