The Ultimate Guide to Developing Your Psychic Abilities

guide to developing your psychic abilities

When it comes to developing your psychic abilities it can be an easy learning curve to go through. Learning most of these techniques will have your psychic abilities recognized in no time.

In this article, we will go over the basics before we finally then talk you through steps into developing your psychic abilities.

By following my techniques you will be able to tap into your extrasensory perception sooner than you think.

That been said, this also won’t happen overnight, time and patience!

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Main Ingredients for Developing your Psychic abilities

  • Psychic Protection
  • Meditation
  • Dedication
  • Visualizing
  • Create Your Own Psychic Room
  • Learn to Read Tarot Cards
  • Learning your CLAIR Abilities

Simple Psychic Protection Shield

psychic protection psychic abilities

If you want more in-depth protection then I will discuss this much deeper in my next article, which I am currently working on.

Below is the quick method when you may find yourself in a rush and need quick protection.

I like to call this the psychic shield or the “Protection bubble” which is a simple process and involves visualizing.

Close your eyes and now take a deep breath in and envision a bubble of white light covering you from head to toe. Make sure the bubble is completely covering your entire body, see the bubble been bright and filling with the color gold. As you deep breathe in to see the gold been brighter and tell yourself “I am fully protected by god, the light and angels allowing only positivity in my life”.


meditation for developing psychic abilities

In order to learn any form of psychic abilities and to develop them. It is important to meditate on a daily basis.

Using a form of psychic protection and then a deep relaxation meditation will help you raise your vibration energy level.

This is needed when working with higher energies such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, and other abilities.

I can give you a quick easy meditation to do as a basic meditation. If you want more techniques on meditation then check my article meditation for beginners.

Finding somewhere where you will not be disturbed, and somewhere at room temperature.

Make sure you are sat with your back straight and close your eyes.

Start by deep breathing and do this through the nose, when you do this hold for the count of 5.

Then exhale out the mouth slowly, keep repeating this for around 10 to 15 minutes, over and over just deep breathing.

Once you have done this for 10 to 15 minutes then open your eyes. How was that for you? If you want more detailed meditation then please see our meditation techniques for beginners. Doing this daily will help you on track to developing your psychic abilities.

There are many guided meditation for spiritual development scattered across this website to help from any beginners to advanced.

Dedicate yourself Daily

It is crucial to stay dedicated to meditation, doing it daily is needed. When first starting to meditate and visualize with the techniques in this article.

Start off with meditation for around 10 to 15 minutes, when you get used to meditation you can bump the time to 20 minutes.

Slowly build yourself up to the time you meditate for, you will learn to pick up meditation pretty fast. The more you do it the more it will become second nature to you.

Visualizing helps developing psychic abilities

Thanks go to pixabay for image usage

When developing your psychic abilities, visualizing is what you will be doing a lot of, combine that with meditation.

Meditation and visualizing is the main key to developing any psychic ability. Visualizing is the best way of developing psychic abilities.

Below I will give you your first visualizing exercise to do and to practice. I like to call it the Psychic room visualization, this will help you develop your abilities.

The psychic room will be your own sanctuary where in meditation you will go in your mind when practicing any psychic exercise.

What is visualizing?

Visualizing is using your imagination when we imagine in our minds using our inner vision.

Using the inner vision the psychic eye (third eye), is what psychics and clairvoyants use. They use this to get psychic impressions or even messages from spirit.

When we visualize we are strengthening the third eye for our inner vision. This is one of the best ways to psychic develop your skills.

Practicing daily with visualizing will help you to open your third eye and also to develop your clairvoyant abilities.

Visualizing Tip

A great tip I have shared with others and now I want to share with you is “Visualizing tps”.

I have been asked many times before when learning someone to meditate and visualize is?

“I can’t visualize, I try to imagine in my mind but can’t get any visual images to form in my mind”.

Visualization Tip is Close your eyes and I want you to try your best to see an image of a blank television or cinema screen.

Now what I want you to do now you see this screen I want you to visualize a image to appear on this screen.

Don’t force this to happen, just try and if you can’t then take a few deeper breaths to get your mind relaxed even more.

After a while try again with the television/cinema screen in the mind. See an image appear now on the screen, a good tip is to visualize an image of a lotus flower or a rosebud on the screen.

Once you finally see this flower appear on the screen I want you to see the flower closed. All the petals are closed and now I want you to imagine and visualize each petal opening very slowly.

Keep doing this until all the petals are open and you are seeing on the screen a beautiful flower.

Keep practicing with this over and over again, this will strengthen not just the third eye but also your visualization skills. We will be using this screen in our next exercise with the “Psychic Room”.

In Your Mind: Create Your Own Psychic Room

psychic room

Get yourself into a deep meditative state as mentioned above, as I take you through this guided meditation for spiritual development.

In this exercise, we are going to create your own psychic room in our mind. Why? well, whenever you want to practice when developing your psychic abilities you can form a meditative state and visualize your psychic room.

Do this often and after a while, it will be like second nature and will be able to instantly enter your psychic room. Once you are in deep relaxation and meditative state let me continue.

Close your eyes and while you focus on your breathing deep breath in and out frequently.

Start by imagining in your mind that you are walking through a forest or woodland clearing.

As you do this pay attention to your surroundings, do you see or hear nature?

If you do try to make this more vivid as you can, make the sounds more real as you can and make the colors brighter.

You continue to walk and in the distance, you notice a little cottage.

Keep visualizing as you walk you can hear the footsteps of your feet on every step.

As you get closer to this cottage you go towards the door but it seems to be locked.

Imagine and see your self reach into your pocket there is a key.

You take out the key and place it in the door and see yourself opening the door and entering.

Keep taking deep breaths in and holding for 5 seconds before slowly exhaling.

Now as you enter the cottage you notice it is a peaceful cottage, not too bright not too dark.

You see a door in the distance as you walk other to it as you breathe deeply as you open the door.


As you open the door all you see is red ruby light, it is a long corridor with red loving light.

Walk down this hallway through the red as you feel deeper and deeper in peace.

As you continue to walk and walk seeing your self absorb the red as it enters your inner being.

You reach the end of the corridor and notice there is another door. Take a deep breath in and hold as you slowly exhale and open the door.


As the door opens you see an orange color as soon as the door opens. Orange light and another corridor.

As you walk through the orange feeling more relaxed and at peace calmer and calmer as you absorb the orange.

Keep on walking and walking feeling more positive on every step.

As you finally come to the end of the corridor and come to yet another door.


When you open this door you notice the color yellow radiating and showing another corridor.

Yet another corridor, walk through this yellow feeling more energy as you walking deeper and deeper into the yellow.

The yellow seeping through you as you feel more connected with the gut feelings.

Feeling more connected to the feelings around you.

Keep walking through the warm loving color yellow as you reach further down the corridor reaching yet another door.

Deep breathing again before finally opening the door.


Open the door and you see the color green a beautiful green. As you walk through this color you feel connected with love.

You feel this as a loving sensation within you and your feelings.

Continue to walk through this color feeling more relaxed deeper and deeper.

More calm, at peace, keep walking and walking feeling more at peace and calmer and calmer. As you reach yet another door. Go to open this door.


Opening this door you are immediately represented with the color blue. This is a warm feeling the color is a healing color and also works with emotional feelings.

Keep walking down this beautiful blue corridor.

Reaching the end while you focus your intentions on your breathing then see and visualize your self opening the other door you find yourself reaching.


As you reach this door before opening it you notice a beautiful Indigo color radiating through the door.

Open this door and pay attention to the indigo color, deep breathing as you take in this color indigo.

The color connecting with your inner visions with developing your psychic abilities.

Connected with your third eye as you walk through the beauty of the indigo color.

When walking deeper and deeper through this color you feel tingle sensations between your brow on your forehead.

Taking another deep breath and feel very relaxed, calm and at peace. When arriving at another door which as a label on it saying “Knowledge”.

Opening this door as you take in another deep breath in.


Walking through the violet and all it’s beauty as you feel connected with the universe as you walk and walk.

Feeling more positive and vibrant in energy. You keep walking through this violet as you do feeling more relaxed and at peace.

Feeling more positive, more energized and motivated. As you reach the end of the corridor you reach the door.

This door is different from the last doors, this as a label on the door. The label says “Psychic room”. The door opens by itself.

Entering your psychic room

As you enter this room you notice it is mixed with indigo and violet color with tints of gold light.

This is the room for working with developing your psychic abilities and you come here when using them.

In the middle of the room, you notice some equipment. You see a big television screen and on the side of it is a telephone.

The television represents your “Clairvoyance ability” this is what you will come to when practicing your clairvoyant abilities.

The phone next to this is associated with clairaudience, you can use to communicate with spirit and spirit guides.

So whenever you want to practice clairvoyance and clairaudience then come to this room and use the equipment.

For example; if you want to communicate with your spirit guide do this visualization meditation and return to this phone. Ask questions to your guide while visualizing holding this phone and see yourself asking questions.

Pay attention to the responses you may hear in this visualization. Go with your first impressions.

As with clairvoyance return to the television, this will help you with the psychic images you may see in forms of visions appearing on the television screen.

When you are finished then take deep breaths in and count down in your mind from 20 to 0. When you reach 0 slowly open your eyes and don’t move straight away sit in the relaxation for a few moments.

Keeping a diary or journal at the side of you is useful, you can make notes after every visualization you do. You be surprised on what you will make notes on. This will increase the potential when developing your psychic abilities and it does work.

Outcome – Psychic Room

Practicing daily and also whenever you want to do any form of psychic practice.

Then doing this psychic room visualization will really help with developing your psychic abilities.

You may need to read it a few times to get a memory of it before attempting this visualization.

But this does work and it is very effective for developing your psychic abilities especially clairvoyance.

Learn to Read Tarot Cards

developing your psychic abilities

Learning to read the tarot cards can be a great experience to go through on the road to developing your psychic abilities.

The tarot cards are a powerful divination tool that many psychics and clairvoyants use.

These are the first tools many people use first when starting out developing their psychic abilities in psychic development.

You may find when first using the tarot cards that when holding the cards and drawing out a few cards you see visions.

Many people have asked me “can tarot cards open the third eye”.

YES, the tarot deck can help with the opening of your third eye. Using the cards frequently and practice with them even sleep with them under your pillow.

You will see how stronger your psychic abilities become over time when using these cards.

Learning your CLAIR Abilities

  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairaudience
  • Clairsentience

There are more Clair abilities but for now, we will focus on the top 3 Clairs abilities. If you want to know the other abilities then comment at the bottom of this page. Let me know what you want to know and ill add more to this page.


The meaning of Clairvoyance is the ability to Clear seeing within your mind with your mind’s eye.

When developing this ability you are able to see visions of the past, present, and future all through your mind’s eye.

This is the clear seeing insight we see as we are tuned in to higher vibrational energies. Works best when we are in a deep meditative state.

The main key to developing this amazing gift we call “Clairvoyance” is Visualization.

Yeah, sure meditation as well, but the main success with clairvoyance and becoming a clairvoyant is visualizing. I have mentioned this in my article called learn how to tap into your clairvoyant abilities.


Clairaudience is the meaning of Clear hearing, this is also in the mind.

What I mean by this is, have you ever been doing something and you hear your name being called out. You look around and no one is there?

Maybe you hear a song play for no reason in your mind, or sounds, voices and so on.

This is the meaning of clairaudience, this is how Mediums work when they communicate with spirit.

If you feel you hear a lot of auditory sounds in your mind like music to voices as in spirit communication.

Then you are strongly connected with this ability and when developing your psychic abilities this may be the first one which stands out.


Clairsentience definition out of a nutshell means; Clear feeling.

The feeling when you get emotional from the pit of your stomach “gut feelings“.

We often get gut feelings and negative vibes about someone we just met or a situation you find yourself in.

You know when something is just not right, and yes later you find out you were right at the moment of time.

So if you feel uneasy in situations where you keep getting gut feelings then you have a strong connection with clairsentience.


When first learning how to tap into your psychic abilities, it is important to ask yourself, why you want to develop. What are your intentions for developing your abilities? Do you want insight for yourself or to help others?

Remember to dedicate your time doing the following exercises we went through together. Implementing these tactics will surely get your abilities to shine and you will notice your progression will grow over time with developing your psychic abilities.

The most important thing to learn is meditation and visualization together with psychic grounding/protection. I will discuss Psychic protection in my next post so be sure to bookmark my site. I hope you enjoy this article on the ultimate guide to developing your psychic abilities.

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