5 Easy Methods on How to Open the Third Eye

How to Open the Third Eye

The Third eye is associated with the 6th chakra and is the main seat of our clairvoyance abilities. Learning how to open the third eye can be an exciting experience and can be life-changing at the same time. In this article, you will learn more about the purpose and methods of how to open the third eye.

The Third eye is also commonly known for the seat of clairvoyance and clairvoyant abilities.

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third eye opening

What is the third eye

The Third Eye Can Also be known as the mind’s eye or our inner eye which is used as an invisible eye which can see perception beyond our ordinary sight. 

In spiritual traditions such as Hinduism the third eye as Ajna, the brow chakra. The third eye relates to the gate that leads to a higher consciousness within our minds and too much higher realms.

In spiritualism, it is known as the state of enlightenment, I like to call it the seat to clairvoyance. Which means clear seeing, seeing images or visions in the mind which uses the third eye.

Said to believe also, humans in far ancient times have an actual eye in the back of our heads which as psychical and spiritual function. As we as humans evolved this eye sunk into what we call today as the pineal gland.

This pineal gland which is located between the two hemispheres of the brain.

The Ajna or as it is more often called the third eye is the 6th charka within us. It is located in the forehead, between your brows.

As a part of the brain, it can be improved, opened and strengthened, giving it much more spiritual power.

The means to accomplish this usually are, yoga, meditation or any other type of spiritual practice. It is the manifestation of the subconscious within us, our direct link to the Brahman.

Persons who have an opened and improved third eye is quite intuitive, some are even able to foretell the future.

The Sanskrit word Ajna in itself means to perceive something or to command. This is why we associate this charka with openness, imagination, and intuition.

The Chakra itself is a center where we are supposed to transcend the duality of our existence.

Here it is where we are supposed to get in touch with the supreme element. Once we accomplish that, we are no longer the I that chains us to the space and time of our earthly body.

We become something more. Transcending the five elements, we are finally free from the physical and temporal chains of this world.

As with any other chakra, we can cause severe imbalance to it. Some of the ways to know that your sixth chakra is imbalanced are if you are one of those people who are feeling stuck, who has no feeling, reward or joy in their daily activities.

If you are a person who spends way too much time seeking the fantasy as opposed to wanting to perceive and deduce the real, you are probably overusing your third eye.

People who just can not see things clearly, who rush from one mistake to the next, failing to see the end goal of their earthly and spiritual life have a severely imbalanced sixth chakra.

To accomplish that we need to begin by opening the third eye. But, just how does one do that? How to open the third eye? How to reach the gateway to the end of duality?

The standard ways are, of course, meditation and yoga.

There are many special meditations for the purpose of balancing and opening the sixth chakra. For example the Atma Manana or the Atma Chintana.

You can also use Trataka. Trataka is a form of meditation when you focus on a single point. Most often, you use a candle or it’s flame.

The Mudras of Lord Shiva can also be quite effective for this Chakra.

To help you imagine the third eye, it is helpful to imagine it as its symbol, the Lotus flower with, transparent, with throw petals of flowers.

Think of it as rising in the enter of your forehead, its petals closed. While you engage in meditation or yoga,

Feel the petals opening, along with your real chakra. Keep repeating the seed syllable – Om.

Is the third eye real?

This is a common question I have been asked many times. The answer is YES it is real and we all have the third eye it is not a myth. The third eye located in between the brow area just above the bridge of your nose.

Third Eye Opening with Mantras

The chakra that transcends your earthly prison can only be successfully opened if you encourage it with Om.

The basic sound of the universe, the sound that combines all other sounds.

What are Mantras?

Mantras are powerful words. With the right recitation, Mantras can open hidden energies and powers. It is believed that Mantras can control the energies inside us and around us.

Gayatri Mantra

Gayatri Mantra is a powerful mantra. Gayatri is a goddess in Rig Veda. The total slokas

(lessons) in Rig Veda are 1024. This Mantra consists of the first letters of each sloka. It has 24 syllables and it covers the entire lessons of Rig Veda.

Third Eye Opening With Mantras Method 1

The third eye is an imaginary energy point on our forehead. It’s called Ajna Chakra. There are many chakras inside our bodies.

These chakras are our energy sources. Only Mantras and Yoga can awaken these chakras.

Gayatri Mantra has all the wisdom of Rig Veda. So, it has the ability to awaken this third eye of wisdom and spirituality.

To open your Third Eye there are some steps that you need to follow.

First Step

Start to meditate with your legs crossed, Seat Straight.

Second Step

You have to place your hands on your knees. You can keep your index finger and thumb touch.

Third Step

You should close your eyes and then you can start to chant the Gayatri mantra in your mind. At this time your eyeballs should be upwards and you should be looking (visualizing) inside your forehead.

You can practice this meditation daily. You should keep your mind free and you should believe in your purpose of meditation.

If your Third Eye awakens then you can experience this world with absolute wisdom.

Opening the Third Eye Meditation Method 2

Open The Third Eye – Imagination method 3

Imagination is important when working with the chakras and mainly the third eye. As the third eye is your inner eye (mind’s eye).

This is how we see images and visuals in our minds. For example; if someone said to you think of an elephant, instantly your mind starts to put together the image and you will see it in your mind.

Using imagination as often as you can strengthen your inner visions and your third eye chakra.

As children, we would often use our imagination when playing.

Remember when you were young you use to imagine that you had your own castle or you were a superhero. Just like this bring your childhood back and daily take the time to use your imagination.

This could be anything you want to imagine, make it vivid, bright and as real as you can.

Do this 5 minutes or more each day.

Third eye Opening with daily meditation and Visualization Method 4

This ties in with the earlier meditation and also the imagination. Combining visualizations and meditations will increase the activity of and around the third eye.

Try and set aside at least 15 to 20 minutes for meditation each day. Every time you meditate always remember to keep deep breathing throughout the entire meditations.

Focusing on the breathing as you inhale through the nose. Always breathe in through your nose and exhale out of your mouth.

This allows you to focus more and oxygen to enter the brain making you reach a higher state of relaxation.

Mixing it up with visualizations in your mind while in meditation strengthens the inner seeing ability.

The more visualizing the more practice you are having for clairvoyant abilities and third eye activation.

Third Eye Opening Meditation

First of all, find a quiet calm place where you will not be disturbed. Dim the lights if need be and wear loose clothing, nothing tight like jeans as you need to feel comfortable.

Start by taking a seat with your back straight and go into a meditation state. Close your eyes and deep breathe through your nose and hold for the count of 4, then slowly exhale out the mouth.

Do this repeatedly throughout the meditation, deep breathe in through the nose hold for 4 then exhale out the mouth. This will relax you more and more each time you breathe in and out more oxygen going to the brain making you calmer.

While still doing the breathing technique I want you to focus and concentrate on the center of your forehead between your brow.

This is where your third eye chakra is located, I want you to visualize a ball of light, this ball is slowly opening up and as it slowly opens you see streams of beams of light. Whatever you do try not to panic or allow fear to come into this whatever you feel just let go.

As it keeps opening remember to see it open slowly do not rush this. As you see more light come out the ball ask your spirit guides to step in and be by your side and help you.

You can ask them in your mind they will hear you, so you do not after ask out loud. Your body is even more relaxed now and allows more light to come from the ball and as you see the ball on your forehead turns into a golden light or glow.

Don’t Panic

You may even start to see the odd images in your mind or little visions don’t panic this is normal. We often get glimpses of these as our third eye opens. Sometimes you may see just colors. Just go with what you see and remember not to panic or let fear come into this.

Slowly come out of meditation now

Now slowly start to bring your self out of meditation feeling your self-sitting and one more deep breath. Wait a little while before you slowly open your eyes.

Practice this method daily and you will become much more insightful in your psychic development and see even more when you give readings to members. 

Third Eye Opening Meditation will help you to increase your psychic abilities, and also get a clear insight.

Practice daily Meditations and visualizations will increase your clairvoyance abilities and also practice some form of Psychic Protection.

Third Eye Opening Using Tarot Cards method 5

third eye tarot

Tarot cards are the most popular divination tool which is widely used to this day. Not many people are aware but tarot can have a great impact on helping us achieve the third eye opening state.

Daily practicing with the tarot reading for yourself or friends can help significantly with activating the third eye.

A great method also which I find helps is shuffle the cards and one at a time place a card down. This is where your imagination comes into place, every time you place a card down see a story form in your mind.

Look at the card and pay attention to colors, symbols, and expressions of what the card may be telling you. Start with there was once, or once upon a time. Sounds weird I know but it helps.

Not just for opening up your third eye but if your new to tarot it helps you learn the cards easier. So with each card tell a story in your mind see it coming to life.

You could also shuffle the cards place 3 cards down and see what visuals you can see in your mind related to the cards. Practice doing this and you will see results.

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