The Complete Guide How to See Your Own Aura

How to See Your Own Aura

The Complete Guide how to see your own aura, learn how to see auras with these simple exercises you can do at home. In this post, we will look more into what an aura is to even how you can see your own aura.

Many people disregard the fact that we have an aura, they just think its all BS. Just because you can’t see something does not mean it does not exist, if you can’t touch it, smell it and even taste it then you don’t know for sure what is real and isn’t.

What is an aura anyways?

An aura or human Auric field is an energy that emanates around the human body. This can also be around animals or objects of any kind like plants and everyday objects around the home. It is essential to know more about the aura before we go into how to See Your Own Aura.

The aura which surrounds the human energy field emanates in different colors. The colors reflect on health and well being, the colors can change on a daily basis and multiple times in a day depending on how we are feeling.

Ever heard of someone who wears or owns a mood ring, I like to look at the aura as a mood ring. A mood ring changes from time to time in color when your mood changes when wearing the ring, this is so much similar to how our aura reacts to our well being.

The aura surrounds our entire body from 2 to 3 feet outwards on all sides of our body. When you train the eyes this can be visible to the naked eye, scientists still try to prove this but psychics know different. We know that it exists we see it, not just through our normal sight of vision through training but also our extrasensory inner vision (third eye).

There are 7 different layers of aura which they also are associated with the 7 chakras. Chakras are also part of our energy cycle which are aligned from the crown to the root/base of the spine.

Seven Layers of The Aura and Their Meanings

  1. Etheric First Aura Layer
  2. Emotional Second Aura Layer
  3. Mental Third Aura Layer
  4. Astral Fourth Aura Layer
  5. Etheric Template
  6. Celestial Sixth Aura Layer
  7. Ketheric Template Seventh Aura Layer

Seven Layers of The Aura, what are aura layers and how do they have an effect on how we live day in day out. So let us go over the seven layers of the aura and their meanings.

You may also notice when I mention each of the layers below, I also mention chakras. Each of the seven layers of the aura is connected with each of the 7 major chakras which are mentioned.

Etheric First Aura Layer

Etheric is the first aura layer which is associated with the Muladhara which is the first chakra known as root.

The first layer combined with the first chakra both relate to health-wise and the human physical body. This is one of the easiest layers to physically see with the naked eye.

The etheric first layer consists of grey and blue in color. This layer can be much stronger in those who are physically very active. Those who live a sedentary kind of lifestyle will make the etheric layer much weaker.

Emotional Second Aura Layer

The emotional layer is the second aura layer, the Emotional layer, which is correspondent to the second chakra.

Which is the sacral chakra, I will write another blog post about chakras, which will be more in-depth.

As you guessed the layer is labeled Emotional this layer is about 4 inches from our physical body and reflects on emotions and feelings.

This is always changing due to with us been our typical human beings our moods are always changing.

If you ever are going through certain turmoil to even sickness with the stomach, muscle pains (cramps) this is what reflects this layer and also carry’s to the first layer. They both intertwine with each other.

Mental Third Aura Layer

Mental Layer is our third aura layer, this is around about 8 inches away from our physical body.

Manipura is the name of our third chakra which associations with our mental layer. Third chakra Manipura is commonly known as the solar plexus.

This layer as indications and relates to mental health issues, belief systems and all other logical areas including the consciousness.

Astral Fourth Aura Layer

Astral Layer is our fourth Aura layer and is linked to the fourth chakra called Anahata the heart chakra.

The astral layer is also known by the bridge layer, as well as the astral layer term. Connects with our well being and love and balance in our lives.

The layer stands out from the physical body around about 12 inches. This layer resonates mainly around our spiritual selves, this layer separates itself from the other first 3 layers.

Etheric Template fifth Aura Layer

Etheric Template is the fifth Aura layer, connects with the fifth chakra. The fifth chakra called Vishuddha means the throat chakra, with the layer between 12 to 24 inches from the physical body.

This layer works on a similar level to what the chakra does and results in communication and creativity. Also, it reflects on Finding one’s own voice and also listening.

Celestial Sixth Aura Layer

Celestial is the sixth aura layer, which expands around 3 feet from our physical body. Sixth chakra called Ajna or very commonly known as the third eye (Inner Vision) relates to the sixth layer.

The sixth layer, combined with the sixth chakra helps the psychical and the spiritual connect.

Subconscious with spiritual awareness, spiritual awakening, intuition and also dreams. These are all connected and many more around the subject with the sixth chakra.

Ketheric Template Seventh Aura Layer

Ketheric template is the seventh aura layer, which relates to Sahasrara or crown chakra. Crown chakra and the Kethric template relates to spiritual enlightenment, knowledge, and inspiration.

This layer resonates and expands from the physical around about 5 feet. This can expand more this depends on the spiritual state you are in and level. This as a higher connection with the higher self and to god.

When learning about the seven different layers our aura emanates, it is also essential to know what each one means.

We will now go into a few ways you can see your own aura. Also, be sure to go see my article on meditation techniques for beginners.

See Your Own Aura Eye Exercises

The below images are simple eye exercises that will strengthen your eye muscles.

Doing these a few times before trying to read the human aura with the below exercises will help you achieve seeing your own aura.

How to see your own aura on your hand

see your aura around hands

You will need a white background, I find a plain piece of A4 paper works great for this or card.

Before we do this I want you to place your hands together. Not too hard but press them a little together with your palms facing each other and rub your hands together.

Rub with up and down movements, for example; like when warming your hands up when cold.

When you do this for a while now pull your hands apart still facing each other but a few inches apart. Slowly bring your hands together very slowly, until your hands are nearly touching one another.

Do not make them touch when there 1 or 2 centimeters apart bring them further apart again.

Do the same thing once more, draw your hands slowly close together. A few times of doing this you may notice an invisible energy every time your hands are nearly touching. The invisible energy you are feeling, this is your auric energy field.

Now it is time to see your own aura around your hands. Get the piece of A4 plain paper or white card, then place your hand 1 inch above the paper.

Have your palm facing the paper so you are looking at the back of your hand. Slowly part your fingers a little, I want you now to look in between your fingers. Gaze in between your fingers and not at your fingers.

After a few movements if you have still been gazing, in between your fingers you will start to see a color or a light. This is your own aura you are seeing.

Pay attention to the color you are seeing, afterward make a note of this. I find it very useful for keeping a diary or psychic journal to keep notes.

How to see your aura in the mirror

On preparation beforehand in doing this how to see your aura in the mirror you will need the following 4 things:

  • Mirror – Using a mirror you are able to see your aura in the mirror.
  • Candle – Using a candle in front of the mirror in a dim-lit room is most effective when using this exercise.
  • Meditative State – A relaxed state of mind is needed, so you can purely focus on seeing your aura.
  • Open Mind – Being positive and creative is a big help when wanting to achieve your goals in seeing your aura. If you believe you can do this with an open mind, you will see much more success rate.

So let us get right into how to see your aura in the mirror. Now let us get prepared for this so what you will first need is a mirror.

Big enough to see your head and shoulders from a few feet away. Also, get a candle and place near the mirror also be in dim-lit rim and when your ready move on to the next step.

Now light the candle and have it place between you and the mirror. Next, take a few deep breaths and relax, a meditative state is ideal.

Try the Meditation for beginners’ article if you want to learn deep meditation.

When you are ready, focus on the spot just above your shoulders and head. Just spend a few minutes gazing at the spot between the shoulder and head.

Gaze now and just focus on the area behind your shoulder, still gazing making sure your shoulder is still in your vision but you are staring in the background.

After a while of success, you may start to see some color outlined around your shoulder. Some see this as an electric blue in color, if you not seeing anything yet just keep looking.

Some see the aura within 60 seconds but do not be disheartened if you don’t. Keep practicing, if your eyes begin to hurt then please take a rest.

Time and practice you will eventually learn how to See Your Own Aura in the mirror. It will be like second nature the more you practice the more you will achieve from this.


Anyone can see their own aura, you do not have to be born with any gift or special powers. In fact, as I mentioned earlier you could actually achieve to see your own aura between 60 seconds to within a few minutes.

Practice the above techniques daily to strengthen this ability to see the human auric energy field. Try to do the above exercises by starting with the hand exercise first as this is the easiest to start with then the mirror.

I have been learning others my teaches for many years now; this is the whole reason why I wanted to create a blog like this to help others. Hope my efforts show and bring so much joy and information to all of you reading my content.

I am always trying to push new content frequently for everyone, let me know in the comments what you want to learn or know.

In future posts, I will create on the terms and topics you choose, as long as it is spiritual and psychic. Also, if you enjoyed my guide please show your support and share the below image on Pinterest. Just hover over the image until you see a save button, Thank you.

Thank you once again for all your support love and light, and thank you for reading The Complete Guide How to See Your Own Aura.

how to see your own aura

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