How to Spiritually Cleanse Yourself the Basics

how to spiritually cleanse yourself

In some point in everyone’s life, we all come across and experiences with negativity in our lives. Learn how to spiritually cleanse yourself which is needed to bring back those positive vibes and energy.

You may be going through emotional times in life such as relationship breakups to even bad gossip to trouble at work.

Carrying this kind of negativity around with you can cause blocks in your spiritual path.

These can block you also spiritually so doing a frequent cleansing can be very beneficial for you. So in this post, I will go into steps to spiritually cleanse yourself.

Step 1 Cleansing bath or Shower

spiritually cleansing bath

The best way to start off with this spiritual cleansing is to run your self a relaxing bath.

I recommend using bath salts in your bath as this helps along the cleansing process.

When you are in the bath and are relaxing, I suggest you do a quick meditation.

Focus on the most stressful areas in your life, ex: Money, career or even relationships.

I feel a bath is better but you could also have a shower if you prefer.

Another great tip is when you are washing your body take a moment to close your eyes every so often.

As you wash visualize the water cleansing you, see the water as bright light cleaning you. Watch the light absorb in through your body.

If you are in a shower you can visualize white light coming from the shower head. See the sprinkles of water as pure light.

As this covers your whole body washing away the negativity out of your body.

Tell yourself, “I am cleansed from all negativity and only allow positive energies to come my way”.

Step 2 Make Notes

spiritually cleansing negative thoughts

You can also make lists or notes try and focus on aspects of your life which you know as negative vibes.

Make notes on anything that you wish to improve and also cleanse in and around your life.

Maybe you want areas of your relationship or maybe marriage to be better than it has been.

Make a note whatever you wish to implement changes in your life. This will help towards the spiritual cleansing process.

Step 3 Meditation

spiritually cleansing meditation

Firstly, get yourself into a meditative state of mind by performing a simple meditation.

When ready get your notes or list you just created and focus on the main one from the top of your list first.

Glance at each one at a time while doing this and focus your energy on them.

While you visualize the negativity in a certain situation slowly starting to dissolve.

Keep doing this of each statement you made of your current or related issues you been facing.

Each issue you are meditating on and visualizing you can also say “I now release the negativity in my life which revolves around (example; my work)”.

You can then also add to it that you reclaim the positivity back in your life and the power of your spirit. A unique way to spiritually cleanse one’s self.

Step 4 Burn the negativity

burn negativity

Once you have done the above you can burn the list you made, do it safely.

I suggest that you burn it over a sink or bath so it won’t cause a fire.

Use a small bowl or dish to catch any remainder of the ash so you can let it go outside to the universe.

Kind of like a fresh start for yourself spiritually, it allows your mind to get rid of the negativity.

Send it out there to the universe and do this every time you get negative thoughts or as well just meditate visualize a block box locked.

The key only appears when you let go of your negative thoughts.

When the key appears, you then visualize putting the negativity in this box.

Lock the box and see the key disappear as well as your negative mindset and thoughts.

Step 5 Drink Water

Drink water, yeah that is correct drinking water is not just good for you but can work as a detox.

Drives all the waste products from your body leaving you much more spiritually balanced.

I also suggest back to the meditation I mentioned earlier to try drink water after the meditation.

Drinking more water on a daily basis really does help not just for a spiritually cleansing but also on a healthier level.

Spiritually cleansing prayer

spiritually cleanse

Spiritually cleanse prayer, I don’t mean you have to run down the road and go to church.

All it is doing is sending a simple prayer message either to god and spirit. I normally do a prayer to my guardian angels and ask them for spiritual assistance.

Simply close your eyes and get in a prayer position and state your content to either god, spirit, angels or the universe.

Let go of any negative thoughts you are holding by taking a deep breath and exhale out a few times.

Give spirit your burdens ask the archangel Raphael to draw close to you and to send you the healing you need.

Take a deep breath in again and feel the energy absorb you and enter you like an ocean blue color. Also, be sure to check out my Spiritual meditation techniques for beginners mindfulness.

Spiritually Cleanse Weekly

Try to implement these strategies into your weekly routine. I would say daily but that may be a way too much to handle.

The shower/bath technique for spiritually cleansing can be done daily with the meditation.

The making notes/lists of negatives I would suggest doing that as a weekly method. It gives you insight than of that full week.

Keeping a diary is also a great help, making notes whenever you feel negative or in need of a cleanse. When the weeks over take a look at your list and do what we mentioned earlier in this article.


Spiritually cleansing yourself can be very rewarding not just on a spiritual level but also for health. Be healthier and also be spiritually cleansed in the process which is great for the Mind, body, and spirit.

Thank you for reading my post be sure to keep coming back and learn more. I hope you enjoyed learning about how to spiritually cleanse yourself.

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