Meditation Confidence Never Underestimate The Influence Of Meditation

meditation confidence

Are you suffering from daily due to low confidence? Well, in this article learn meditation confidence and bring in success in your life. That is right meditation for confidence actually does work if you put in the time.

In this article, we will look into way’s to boost your confidence. Then further down I will give you my own confidence meditation I have used in the past.

If you are new to meditation, then please check out my meditation techniques for beginners. Firstly, let us look into why people feel low confidence in the first place.

What causes this irritating problem we know as no confidence in people. I will give you a few tips to improve your confidence, and then I will show you how to improve your confidence by meditation.

What can cause low confidence?

The main part of confidence comes from your inner self and you’re well being. Some people may put there self down a lot of the time for example; “I can’t do that”, “I want to do it but I will be no good”.

The above example is what causes most cases in low confidence. Some may have had an unhappy childhood, some are always been diminished in their relationships. Whatever the reason is this can be looked at and be changed for the better.

Let us just look at the above example I used before on when you are saying things which diminishes yourself. “I can’t do it” well saying phrases like this and similar to yourself creates negative energy. Yeah, it is true if you say it you probably find you can’t do it.

How to fix this is, STOP saying things like this to yourself. Yeah maybe easy for me to say but every time someone speaks down to there self it creates energy. Not the good type of energy, negative energy can stop you from moving forward. So let us replace this negative phrase and turn it into a positive.

Have you ever said “I can’t” and someone says back “there is no such thing as can’t”.

Improve Confidence with Affirmations

Affirmations have been around for a very long time, and they can have a powerful effect on you. Just a few simple words can bring you so much positive energy in your life when used correctly and daily.

You can Improve your confidence with affirmations. Just by writing down positive notes and place them around your home or work place. A great place for confidence you can place a affirmation note on your mirror so every time you look in the mirror repeat the words.

So what kind of affirmations should you use? You can make up your own affirmations as long as they have a positive impact on the type of words you are using. Example; “I am looking good, I love myself and those around me”. This could be phrased in many way’s and this would be a good affirmation for your mirror. As it as a positive impact on your complexion and appearance.

If you would like me to come up with a list of affirmations for you let me know in the comments at the bottom.

Improve Confidence with Affirmations

Meditation Confidence

Feel free to share on Pinterest and spread the word to those who suffer low confidence and self esteem. Continue reading below for a in-depth meditation for confidence and get your power back today!

confidence meditation for beginners

Make sure that you will not be disturbed for the next 20 minutes during this meditation. Also, make sure you find a comfortable spot which is not too cold or too warm.

Let us begin the Meditation Confidence. Once you are ready begin by sitting down with your back straight with your hands on your knees. Close your eyes and I want you to start focusing on your breathing, as you do this take a deep breath through your nose. Hold for the count of 5 seconds then slowly exhale out through the mouth.

Deep breath in through the nose and hold for 5 again, then slowly exhale out of the mouth. Keep repeating this process throughout this meditation, keep the breathing technique going this will help relax your mind and body. At the same time doing this I want you to visualize in your mind a time when you felt less confident about something. Try to picture the scene in your mind, feel as though you are there again. Feel what you felt, hear what you heard, get all your senses working at the same time.

While still doing the deep breathing through the nose and holding for 5 seconds, then exhaling out of your mouth. In the last scene you are visualizing try imaging you can alter time, if you could change the view what would you change. See yourself adjusting time and see yourself clearly and vividly changing the outcome to what happened to a positive one.

Visualize a clock next to this scene and see the clock handles moving backward and turn back time. Replay the scene again and now change things in the scene, instead of looking upset change your expression in the scene. Visualize different clothes see the scene you are viewing in another location.

If the scene had people in it, change the people to whoever you want them to be. Change the whole scene now and play it in your mind. See everything that has changed, if you still not happy then rewind time in your mind once again and change more details.

See your self confident see the colors around you brighter, make the sounds louder make the images more vivid as you possibly can. Keep the deep breathing method still going as you do this visualizing, telling your self you are calm and relaxed.

Meditation Confidence is very powerful, changing your past in visualizations can help with your current confidence.

So keep seeing the scene changes every time you play it back in your mind. At first, when thinking about negative situations from the past can be emotionally painful depending on the circumstance.

By re-playing these moments and changing them in your mind you are reprogramming your mind to act differently in current situations like this.

Maybe it was a past lover diminishing your every move or everything you said or did. Could be you put on a dress and they said you looked fat. Visualize this and change it to them saying “you look beautiful”. Tell your self in your mind as you visualize that you are beautiful and positive.

When you feel you have done enough and feel very relaxed and much more positive.

Then slowly count from 10 to 0 and on each count down tell your self you feel peaceful and positive and also mention feeling more confident. Also, try the below meditation confidence mirror exercise.

Meditation Confidence – Confidence Mirror Exercise

confidence mirror exercises

Now you will be doing similar to what we just did above. When we say confidence mirror exercise we don’t mean run to your mirror, oh no this is all in the mind again.

So what you are going to want to do is firstly, get into a deep meditate state by doing the deep breathing technique. Once you begin going into a meditative deeply state of relaxation, you are ready for visualizing.

In your mind visualize yourself stood in front of a mirror. The mirror does not need to be anything fancy, just a plain mirror. See yourself and your mirror image, what do you look like, what is your expression and what are you wearing. All these matters to every detail try and visualize it. You may notice your mirror image in your mind you may not look happy or you look drained very low confidence.

See your image start to change, make your mirror image change expression. Visualize yourself in the mirror look confident and look successful. As you notice the visual of yourself image change in front of you see this mirror image step out the mirror and into your body. Feel the power of the new found confidence and positive energy you now own.

Now that you feel a new confidence and the energy and the new found motivation. See the new confidence you look into another mirror, this time as you look at your reflection looking back at you what do you notice. You may see someone which is you but they seem to be a much more positive you.

Even though you feel more confident this mirror image of you looks even more positive to how you are feeling right now.

So change the mirror image one more time, make them look EVEN more successful than you did before. Make the mirror image of you even more powerful more confident with supreme confidence.

As you do this then see this even more confident you step out the mirror and step into your body. Feel the energy, be the new confident you and how it feels. You feel power and excitement above all you feel happier than you have ever been.

Do this daily for 7 days and you will notice a complete change in how your confidence boosts. Even people around you will begin to notice the changes in you.

Try and do this meditation confidence each day in order to see results. You will gain your confidence back and motivation for success.

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Improving Your Confidence Tips

Think positive & be positive: You heard the saying “like attracts like”, well this is true for positive energy. When we feel great we radiate positive energies from our auras. This can alter our moods and the way we think.

Destroy negative thoughts: You know the kind of negative thinking’s I mean, don’t you. Things like they can’t or won’t or even the but’s? Using these terms have negative impacts, sound silly, I know as these are common words. Try to replace them with other words, so when you are about to say “I can’t do this” change your wording to “I never tried to do this before I am sure I can do this.” Never say you can’t do something, because if you never tried it, how do you now?

Another thing is when you think bad about yourself like some people don’t like the way they look. When they look in a mirror, they diminish them selfs. Try deleting the thoughts of negativity and replace them with the positives. Compliment yourself, treat yourself, and above all, you will notice a lot of changes in your life for the good.

Be kind and helpful: I am sure you are helpful to others, but try to do a little more. If you see someone carrying items ask if they need help. Volunteer around your area where you live to help others. Doing things for others often boosts your confidence as you feel needed. Not just feeling needed but getting a response from others for the good deed you did makes you feel better. I know I help all the time for others and it gives you a warm feeling knowing you helped someone.

Dress Nicely – Changing appearance: When I say this, I don’t mean you are not good looking or anything negative. All I am saying is when we fall into the low confidence category we tend to stop taking care of ourselves. Try dress nicely and think of your overall appearance. Looking good makes us feel good which brings out positive energy. Just like mentioned above, even try different things try new outfits, treat yourself.

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When it comes to improving your confidence there are many ways out there to do this. The most powerful way’s are through Meditation, affirmations and also hypnosis.

Thank you for reading my article today, I wish you well on your journey. If you want to ask questions in the comments then please do so and I will add them to this article. Hope you all enjoyed the reading material and learned how to meditate with my strategy Meditation Confidence.

meditation confidence

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