Meditation for Insomnia 5 ways to Get a Better Nights Sleep

Learning meditation for insomnia can really be beneficial if you are suffering from sleep deprivation. I will go further into 5 top ways to get a better nights sleep including relaxation exercises. These do work and I have helped many people overcome their insomnia.

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Firstly, let us discuss more into the matter at hand. We will then go into each meditation for insomnia and the 5 ways you can and will have a better nights sleep.

Meditation can help in a stressful world with a hectic work schedule, it is common to experience tension within the body, which causes many people to suffer from insomnia.

Tension can be manifested in a variety of ways, including insomnia.

This is where Mindfulness Meditation for Sleep can be very beneficial for those who suffer from loss of sleep.

Here at AwakenSpirituallyNow love to help others with the knowledge I own from over the years. Further below will be a meditation to help with sleep if you suffer from Insomnia.

Meditation for Insomnia Mindfulness

Mindfulness Meditation

There are countless ways to reduce insomnia. The most popular ways to help go to sleep

Mindful meditation revolves around the present moment. By focusing on present thoughts, present emotions, and present feelings, you can remain in control of your own body.

I will also go into meditation to help with Insomnia to improve sleep below.

Meditation Insomnia Sleep

Insomnia is commonly categorized as a sleep disorder. Insomnia can affect anyone, although it tends to manifest amongst stressed individuals.

There are many treatments for insomnia, with meditation being one of the safest options.

Using meditation for insomnia can reduce daytime fatigue as well as emotional reactions during the crucial sleep cycle. Sleep cycles are extremely important for a healthy night’s sleep.

Sleep cycles can be disturbed if an individual is suffering from insomnia.

Many practitioners will recommend harmful and toxic drugs in order to treat insomnia. These medications are dangerous with extensive side effects.

Our thoughts and feelings have a profound effect on our health and overall well-being. For this reason, ensuring that we release negative emotions and encourage positive ones is of utmost importance. Also, before we dive into the meditation we also have a bonus meditation below from our youtube channel. Be sure to check out Guided meditation sleep and relaxation for 10 minutes.

Guided Sleep Meditation: Ultimate Deep Relaxation – This is a Free Product

Guided meditation sleep and relaxation for 10 minutes YouTube

Meditation For Sleep

The practice of meditation dates back to 1500 BCE in India.

This tradition has been a sacred and intuitive one for the native individuals of Asia.

Many Westerners may view the practice as outdated and insignificant, however, the results speak for themselves.

Buddhists and Hindus in Asia believed the practice released negative energy from the body, improved concentration and enhanced one’s journey.

Within the practice of Buddhism and Hinduism, the spiritual journey is very important and leads to a higher state of consciousness.

Surprising Benefits of Consistent Mindful Meditation

Meditation is known to have surprising benefits in addition to improved sleep.

Some of these benefits include improved memory function. Meditation can improve one’s memory by enhancing learning capabilities and concentration.

When the body is free of negative energy, information can be retained easily. Meditation is also known to prevent some of the most common neurological disorders, including dementia as Alzheimer’s.

Other benefits of meditation include reduced blood pressure. High blood pressure is a common phenomenon that many individuals suffer from.

Meditation alone will not cure high blood pressure, however, it does have a positive effect.

In conjunction with a highly nutritious diet and adequate exercise, high blood pressure should be reduced or alleviated.

Another unexpected benefit of meditation includes the increase in neuroplasticity.

Increased levels of gamma waves from the practice allow the brain to structurally change. In which with regards to thought patterns, routine behaviors, and information processing.

The mind can vary based on the environment. The benefits of meditation enhance the health and biological elements that make up a well-functioning human body.

How to Begin Mindful Meditation

There are many ways to begin mediation. Wellness centers, yoga studios, and gyms usually offer meditation in conjunction with other services.

However, the best part of meditation is that you can do it entirely on your own! Meditation doesn’t require any coaching or special equipment; however, a guided instructor can enhance the experience.

Meditation should begin in a quiet and comfortable space. The atmosphere should be quiet and relaxing, away from the commotion.

When accessing deeper realms of consciousness through breathe work and positive thoughts, it is important to ensure there is no distracting background noise.

During mindful meditation, it is important to envision your goal. Deep and peaceful meditation has the power to transform the overall journey of each individual.

There are other popular meditation techniques that can be used in conjunction with the practice for enhanced results.

Some of these techniques include stretching, yoga, and fasting. All of these faucets come with a host of benefits.

Be sure to check out a few methods of meditations I have wrote on this my article meditation techniques for beginners mindfulness.

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Top 5 Ways to get better nights sleep with Meditation Insomnia & Tips

Some of these below may be very common which can also affect our sleep patterns. Putting them into action the top 3 with the final 2 powerful methods if all else fails.

The final 2 steps with the Binaural Beats and the Meditation for Insomnia will 100% help you fall asleep very fast.

Get Out out more

walking daily for 2 hours helps with insomnia

Apart from all this talk of me on about meditations for Insomnia I want to touch upon fresh air. Yeah, you heard correctly, I find before settle my mind down at night, throughout the day I try to get out as often as I can.

Even if you have no where to go, providing the weather is pretty decent enough. Here in the UK the weather can’t make its mind up. Try go for walks, in the forest or walk to the park, as long as your out.

Getting the fresh air in your lungs and not just that but the exercise will do you good. I go for a walk each day, I spend up to 2 hours walking. Also, if I need to go to the local convenience store I take the long route to the store.

The more tired you get the better, now I am not saying walk until you drop. There is no need to over do it, just as long as you feel refreshed and revitalized.

Stick to a bedtime routine

bedtime routine to help sleep meditation for insomnia

Remember when we were children we had a set bedtime.

As soon as the clock struck a specific time we were marched off to bed either school in the morning or just an ideal bedtime.

In adulthood, we tend to stay up late watching movies. Try and set yourself a bedtime schedule, soon as you see the clock get to a certain time then go to bed.

Don’t sleep in so late, try and wake up early, the earlier the better. As long as you have had at least 9 hours sleep you should be ok.

Try to go to bed around about 9 pm and wake up at 6 am. It has been scientifically proven them given times give us a much faster way of falling asleep.

If you can’t sleep when going to bed early then meditation can help even with Insomnia suffers.

Trust me, I use all these techniques I am sharing with you as I suffered from Insomnia for over 9 years.

Just try it see how it goes for you, make a diary or journal track your progression.

Reduce caffeine

meditation for insomnia reduce caffeine

Try and cut down as much as your caffeine drinks as you can. Caffeine does interfere with sleep patterns, such as Tea and coffee.

Try having a milky warm drink or even herbal teas.

Also, don’t drink too much as you will find going to the bathroom more often. Cutting down as much caffeine as you can when coming up to bed time.

I have my last caffeine drink 4 hours before I go to bed and it does improve your sleep a hell of a lot.

When I want to have a good nice sleep I would have a camomile tea 1 hour before going to bed.

Once I am in bed I would do the routine of my meditation for Insomnia techniques which I share below.

Binaural Beats

Deep Sleep Music: Insomnia Music, 3.4 Hz Delta Waves, BInaural Beats Music for Deep Sleep

Just click play when ready, the sounds will help you drift to a deep sleep of relaxation.

Designed for people who suffer from Insomnia, a very powerful technique.

Use headphones which are the best ways for this to be far more effective.

Deep Meditation Visualization for Sleep

In order for this to work perform when you go to bed and make sure the temperature is just right.

Climb into bed and get ready for a perfect nights sleep.

When ready press play to start this meditation for insomnia, also try to use earphones for better results.

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The most important thing to remember is that everyone’s journey is different and unique. For this reason, two different individuals will likely benefit from meditation differently.

Mindful meditation can be a fine art form for self-expression. Therefore practice and consistently is key to ultimate success and restful sleep.

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