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meditation techniques for beginners

Welcome to Spiritual meditation techniques for beginners in this post, we will go into what meditation is and the benefits to meditation. I will also go into some basic ways of meditation for the beginners and preparations of meditation.

Using any form of meditation can be used in many transformational ways. Ways that help you to relax the mind, body and also for the spirit.

Performing any of the below meditation techniques for beginners will help you relax and feel more at peace with yourself.

Allowing yourself to relieve any form of stress built up. Following any of the techniques, I share with you in this article, you will easily learn fast on how to meditate spiritually for beginners.

Even if it is not spiritual meditation techniques for beginners you are looking for maybe you just want to learn for relaxation. Well, you can, and you will learn a few different kinds of meditations on this page. The main meditation techniques for beginners will help you to learn to focus and to discipline your mind to be able to concentrate and go into a much deeper relaxation.

Spiritual beliefs of meditation

Spiritual beliefs of meditation

Meditation is believed in many religions with the major top 5 being Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, and Ismail.

However, these days even though it is popular in the stated cultures. Meditation is highly believed to be one of the most commonly known practices in spiritualism.

Many people working in the spiritual area from psychics, mediums, and healers use meditation on a daily basis.

This can be meditations in varous ways, from healing meditations, past lives which we will discuss in future post and mindfulness.

A much more physical approach for spiritual meditation is doing yoga. Yoga is a much more way of life and as so many benefits.

As in meditation which is a part of yoga and you can also combine both. Meditation works more on the mind, calmness and helps reduce stress and enter a mindfulness state of mind.

They are both forms of meditation and are practiced by many spiritual individuals in this day of age.

Why cross legs when meditating

Why cross legs when meditating

You probably heard stories or images like the one above and think meditation is all about chanting “OM” and sat cross-legged. Well, you wouldn’t be wrong there it surely does help with the body but it is not essential to practice meditation this way.

You being comfortable in meditation is the most important key here. The posture you see in the image is the yoga pose “easy pose”. Using this common pose just allows the energy to flow more at ease through your body while in deep relaxation.

Easy Pose or Hero pose also ( Sukhasana) there are a few names, but for me, I just meditate on a chair which as long as your back is straight and frequently deep breathing then you go meditate either way. As long as you are comfortable as in meditation it requires stillness, so if you find you’re moving around in meditation then switch your pose and start again.

Meditation for the beginner

So how would a beginner get into meditation and what is the ideal type of meditation for the beginner?

If you have never meditated before then I do advise you to take things slow. Start off with simple meditations which is just basically focusing on your breathing to help you gain a much more relaxed state.

When first starting to meditate for the beginner’s guide I do try to teach people to take things slowly by doing it for short periods of time. I normally meditate for 30 minutes but that is much more of the advanced meditations which I do myself and also teach others.

So here is my beginner’s guide to meditation for all you beginners. I do suggest to you if you have never done this before to start meditating for around about 10 minutes. Yeah, 10 minutes is not that long but you need to learn to get into the daily routine.

Not just the routine learning to clearing the mind and entering a much deeper relaxed state of mind. Be sure to read my basic meditation for beginners further down this article. Which is a guided meditation to help you learn how to meditate?

Meditation Techniques for Beginners and the benefits

benefits meditation for beginners

Benefits of meditation for beginners

The subject of meditation has been around thousands of years. This is a technique that many people still use to this day worldwide.

The art of getting into the state of mind of relaxation. Not just relaxation but also inner peace which can also help with blood pressure.

Meditation can be used in so many cases which has great health benefits. The most it’s used for and works well is for people learning psychic development.

Meditation is the key to success when you are developing any psychic ability. My meditation techniques for beginners guide will help those who are just starting out and wanting to learn how to meditate.

Psychic abilities cannot be just switched on just like that, you have to higher your vibrations. The best form of practice for doing this is “meditation”. I go into psychic development in other articles be sure to check my site.

Which what this blog is mainly about and also other great topics in the psychic world and paranormal. A lot of people also going through psychic and spiritual awakening decide to take up meditation.

There are also many examples of why someone would want to learn any form of basic meditation techniques for beginners to enhance richness into there life.

Meditation Reduces Stress Anxiety and Depression

Helps with Anxiety & Stress: Meditation can help with anxiety it also can help with depression and self-esteem.

I also mentioned similarly in my Meditation Confidence post.

A big part of many people’s lives as well is STRESS, stress is very common. Learning to use our meditation techniques for beginners will absolutely help lower your stress levels.

The more someone meditates on a daily basis this will limit the amount of stress.

Maybe you are a parent and have screaming children running around and you need to unwind on a night time. Meditation can help with the stress levels and also has been proven to limit stress in our ordinary daily lives.

If you suffer from either Anxiety & depression then committing yourself to meditation daily can drastically help.

I myself use to suffer from deep anxiety and depression and still do sometimes.

When we commit ourselves to the mindfulness meditation we are training our brain and giving it a new focus point.

If we create a routine for example; every day at 10 Am meditate for 20 minutes our brain will get used to this and take note. I will go more into this method below in the meditation techniques for anxiety.

You will notice the more you do this and get into a routine with meditation and do it daily. You see your health improve a lot.

Meditation techniques for anxiety

Anxiety can make you feel uneasy, this can also bring along fear. I have suffered before in the past with anxiety, it is an awful experience to go through.

Anxiety can also cause the symptoms of a panic attack. Anxiety attacks can bring fear as well as it is intense, leaving someone feeling short of breath and can make a pulsating feeling with the heart beating really fast.

The answer to the above is a YES, there are ways to overcome this, and the overwhelming feeling that anxiety brings into our lives.

Spiritual meditation, but any form of meditation with deep breathing and visualizing techniques can help with anxiety, depression and even blood pressure to sleeping problems.

This can help and will help you which can have a big impact on your life.

This is an awful feeling to go through, especially the shortness of breath the feeling where you cannot breath is a very scary feeling.

They can happen spontaneously and very quickly, without warning “boom” they can intervene what you are doing and have you affected with this thing we call “anxiety”.

Can we overcome this? Is there a way to fight this thing we call anxiety? How can spiritual meditation help with anxiety?

We want to help you, if not eliminate these feelings but to reduce them as much we can to help you get through this.

Below you will find meditation and also some tips on how you can not just overcome anxiety

10 Methods for Mindfulness Meditation for Anxiety

  1. Dedicate yourself. Dedication for at least 15 to 20 minutes a day of total relaxation. Just by doing simple breathing exercises for this amount of time every day can be super beneficial for you.
  2. Do not be disturbed. It is important when working on relaxation meditation exercises that you can do it without being disturbed. Put your mobile on quiet and find somewhere where you will not be interrupted for the given amount of time.
  3. Being comfortable. Feeling comfortable is also very important, I tend to try to wear loose clothing. Nothing to tight like jeans, as like as you feel comfortable that is the main thing. Make sure as well that the room is the right temperature as well as not too cold or too warm.
  4. Seating position. Choose whichever position suits you this comes into the above method being comfortable. As long as your back is straight whether lying down or sitting up straight on a chair.
  5. Gently close your eyes. Start to focus on nothing else apart from your breathing. Each time you breathe in notice how calm it makes you feel and relaxed. Tell yourself “I am relaxed”, just by saying this you are programming your mind on the action you are doing. Every breath, you take in you will start to feel a lot calmer.
  6. Bring your mind to the present. Your mind may start to wander off from time to time, try to let go of what your mind is dragging you to. Bring it back into the here and now the present, after a few times of doing this your mind should be more focused. Try to let go of any worry, don’t be thinking about stressful things like “I need to pay this bill” just stay calm and deep breath in.
  7. Deep breathing. In meditation deep breathing is essential to help you get to a much relaxed and altered brain state. Do this now by taking a deep breath in with your nose then holding for a few seconds. Then breathe out through your mouth. Keep repeating this method like in similar meditations I have mentioned on this page.
  8. Visualizing. Visualization meditation for anxiety can be very powerful and work great for anxiety and depression. Visualizing is the added secret ingredient in meditation, this will allow your mind to feel more relaxed. As you keep deep breathing I want you to now visualize yourself on a sandy beach. Visualize yourself walking barefoot across this sand as you walk you feel the warmth of the sand. keep your mind focused on the texture of the sand and the feeling it makes you in the fresh air on a beautiful beach. You hear the waves of the ocean crashing to the shore. You feel peace and calm and importantly feel very relaxed.
  9. Affirmations. As you continue to relax your mind, body and your spirit on deep breathing with the visualization. I want you to now mix this up with a positive affirmation, “I feel free of my burdens, I feel a calm and inner peace, as I let go of my problems and know I can get through anything life throws at me. I am free of anxiety and I am happy, positive and calmer in my life”.
  10. Coming out of Meditation. When you feel you have absorbed enough relaxation with the deep breathing, visualizing and the affirmation. Then it is time to bring you out by deep breathing one more time as you now visualize the number 10 in your mind. See the number counting down slowly, until it gets to 0.

Try to do this daily and you will notice after 7 days of doing this, your life will change for the better. This is a powerful meditation for anxiety and it does work. I have taught this and similar to many in the past.

I also write my own meditations. As for visualizing you can also be more creative. Try to try different scenes from beaches to been on the clouds. Make sure it is something relaxing and rewarding to yourself.

Does meditation increase attention?

meditation and mindfulness
Photo by Form on Unsplash

There are a lot of different types of meditation techniques out there. Meditation alters certain levels of brain waves in the brain different waves at a certain amount of relaxation.

I will cover more on brain waves in the future post explaining each one and how to obtain the requirements to that brainwave level.

Answer to the question, yes meditation does in fact help with the attention span. Meditation in many case studies has been said can improve attention when the body as at a much-relaxed level.

When you are in a meditative state of mind you can focus more and also can improve learning. Be sure to try out all my above spiritual meditation techniques and leave us a comment at the bottom.

Meditation Can Improve Sleep

meditation can improve sleep

There are many who have such busy schedules that their minds become more active on a night which interferes with there sleeping behavior.

Also, Insomnia is a symptom also which so many have to put up with on a night which is the inability to sleep.

Meditation can Improve sleep especially if you perform meditation before you go to bed or even in bed. The meditation (Meditate Deeply) in this article can also help with sleep.

Try it let me know in the comments below, I will also write a future article more on sleep and different meditations you can do.

Be sure to also check out our article, unique and innovative ways to solve insomnia with meditation. Also, these meditations on this page are meditation techniques for beginners will also help with making you much more relaxed and will help you fall asleep.

How to meditate for beginners

simple meditation for beginners

Quick & Simple easy meditation for beginners

  1. Sit in a comfortable position, comfort is the key in order to reach deeper relaxation.
  2. Begin by closing your eyes, this allows the mind to concentrate more. If you want to use an eye mask.
  3. Focus on your breathing, focusing on your breathing allows your mind to focus on one thing at a time. You will notice just by deep breathing and focusing on just that, you will enter a relaxation state much quicker.

If you are wanting a more in-depth meditation, or to meditate deeply then try the techniques further down this article.

I will always continue to add more spiritual meditations for beginners frequently on this article so be sure to keep checking back.

Let’s start off with How to meditate for beginners. Anyone can meditate, but why would someone want to meditate that is the question. Meditation overall can increase many health criteria’s as I stated above.

A lot of people think meditation is all about sitting cross-legged using mantras like “OM”, Ermm NO. There are certain meditations where you can do that but it is totally not necessary.

How does one meditate, where do you start and when do you start. Well, carrying on reading this article and the meditation techniques and you will easily learn how to meditate.

Meditation is all about relaxing the mind, body, and spirit which is essential when wanting to focus and help with concentration more.

Some want to learn for specific reasons such as they want to help with sleep, pure mindfulness and relaxations and also spiritual like-minded people.

A lot of people in the spiritual background meditate deeply every day to attune their energies to higher sources (energy higher-vibrations).

These spiritual meditation techniques for beginners will help you as they are easy to learn. Even if you are not into psychic development and just want to learn relaxation, then that is totally fine.

Meditation Techniques concentration exercises

Meditation Techniques concentration

Meditation that helps you concentrate, you will solely be concentrating on a single point. This can be done in a variety of ways.

Such as breathing, mantra to even repeating a phrase such as affirmations or a single word.

Whenever I do this I find concentrating on a candle flame works the best which also helps with the third eye which we talk about in another post. I will also mention the candle meditation further down this page.

If you are new to all of this on your first try might be a daunting task but can be achievable. So do try to do this only a few minutes at a time until you get used to the idea, then later gradually build the time upwards.

If you feel at any time when trying to concentrate on anything and your mind wanders off then try to let the feelings and thoughts go.

This may take a few attempts if you are new to this. Try to start again and concentrate and within no time you will have improvements in your concentration.

Meditation Mindfulness Techniques exercise

meditation techniques for beginners

Meditation techniques for beginners for mindfulness exercises are my favorite kind of meditation and you will see a lot on this site.

This is also ideal if your mind tends to wander a lot when trying to focus on different areas during the meditation.

Like with the concentration just try not to focus too much on the thoughts that pop in and out of your mind. Instead, try to let them subside as you basically focus your intentions on your breathing.

Basic meditation is a great way to reach mindfulness and the altered state you need for deep relaxation.

I will give a basic meditation demonstration below to which anyone can learn easily to do. Also, great for beginners and if you want advanced you can do it for longer for deeper relaxation.

Meditation techniques for beginners Basic Meditation Method

This is a basic meditation technique for beginners before we get started for you to get the best out of this please do the following.

  • Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, if your a beginner to meditation ideal time to meditate for is around 10 minutes.
  • Wear loose clothing
  • Also make sure you are warm enough, not too warm and not cold
  • a dim room would be preferable

Let’s begin

Start off by getting comfortable sitting up straight, you can lay down but that normally suggests sleep to your body.

So sit up with your back straight and your palms on your lap facing upwards. When you feel you are comfortable and ready to begin then close your eyes.

All the way through this meditation you will keep your eyes closed. When I say do something only do this by using your mind and visualizations.

Now with your eyes closed and not moving a single muscle. I want you to take a deep breath in through your nose. I want you to hold this breath for the count of 4 and then exhale out through the mouth.

Keep repeating this process all the way through the meditation even when visualizing.

Again breath in through the nose and hold for 4 seconds before slowly exhaling out through the mouth. Keep doing this over and over and telling your self in your mind that you are relaxed and peaceful.

As you are doing this I want you to imagine yourself walking down a narrow path through a woodland/forest. Hear the birds and all nature sounds as you see yourself walking down the path.

As you keep deep breathing in through the nose and hold for 4 seconds as you exhale out the mouth. Keep visualizing yourself walking as you hear in the distance running water.

As you get close you see a waterfall nearby with beautiful scenery with rocks and all nature surrounding it.

Now see yourself getting close to the waterfall and visualize sitting on the rock next to the waterfalls running water. Hear the sounds in your mind as real as you can deep breathing and telling yourself you are completely relaxed.

Spend 5 minutes visualizing this and hearing as much detail as you can. Maybe you find it hard to visualize just imagine a television screen in your mind. Every time when visualizing like a movie playing on the screen in your mind.

You should now be completely relaxed now get off the rock and visualize yourself leaving the waterfall and heading back.

Walk all the way you came making your way to the pathway which you came from. As you reach the end deep breath and count down from 10 to 0 slowly.

When you get to 0 then slowly open your eyes and do not move straight away enjoy the relaxation. Practicing this above method meditation technique will learn you how to meditate.

You can also go deeper and learn how to meditate deeply in all your meditations. It is like learning to ride a bike, once you get the hang of it, it then becomes second nature.

How to Meditate deeply

How to Meditate deeply

Firstly, find a comfortable spot and a quiet place to meditate where you will not be disturbed for around 25 minutes. These meditation techniques for beginners will help you go even deeper into deep relaxation.

This is one of my favorite meditation techniques I use regularly. Also, make sure you have no footwear on, sounds strange but it will make sense as we go along in this meditate deeply exercise.

Right, it is time for Meditation techniques to meditate deeply exercise. Start by closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing.

Breath for your nose deeply and hold for the count of 6 and then exhale out the mouth. Keep doing this same process throughout the meditation consistently.

Tense the muscles for deeper relaxation

So as you keep doing the breathing I want you to take your attention to each section of your body.

Let us start from your feet, as you keep doing the breathing as you do this I want you to tense your toes by curling them. Hold the tension there for a few moments and then let go and relax your toes.

Now, remember to keep your eyes closed when doing this and to remember to keep doing the breathing.

Move your attention to your legs, the calf muscle and tense the leg muscle. Hold this for a few moments and the release.

Move on further up as you also deep breath through the nose holding this for 6 seconds before exhaling out the mouth. Move to the thigh of your legs now and tense these muscles.

Wait a few moments then release, now you may notice your legs and feet feel more relaxed.

Let us move on to the stomach region, tense your stomach and wait for a few moments. Then release the tension and relax your stomach and abs and feel the tension leave the body.

Start on the next area at the chest and tense the chest now. Leaving it for a moment before relaxing and letting go. Then from here go to your shoulders and tense them up as well.

Then let go once again, this time also when let go of the tension slowly roll your shoulders a few times. Remember to keep your eyes closed through this whole process for a deep meditative state effect.

We will now work on the arms, so again as before clench your fists and tense your arms and forearms. While holding it, then slowly relax your arms back to your knees/lap.

For your neck, tense your neck by clenching your shoulders and tilt your head back just a little.

Then release, and finally the face, now may sound weird but for this I want you to squint at the same time screw your face up if this makes sense. Then hold for a little moment as then you slowly relax.

When you have done all the above just focus now on your breathing, now I do not want you to move at all. Stay focused on your breathing and stay completely still. Telling yourself not out loud but in your mind, you are at peace and deeply relaxed.

So far this should have taken you around for up to 10 minutes. So now it is time to visualize, I want you to imagine in your mind now.

In your mind I want you to visualize a field of daisy’s as you walk through this field you feel much more energized.

Spiritual meditation techniques for beginners

Feeling more Relaxed

The sun shining down on you and the sounds of birds making you more relaxed, calm and at peace.

As you keep walking and walking your body starts to feel heavy and you stop at a spot to relax and rest.

Spend the remainder time visualizing your self laying down on the grass and visualize big white fluffy clouds floating by while you look at the sky.

Focus your intentions on the clouds as you feel deeper and deeper relaxed. As you keep watching the clouds you notice how heavy your body feels.

You feel so much relaxed and peaceful, you continue to look at the clouds and see some clouds start to form images.

Take note of the images these reflect on how far you came to this day. Continue to stare at the clouds as you sit in pure relaxation.

When you feel you have saturated enough relaxation from the visualizing and the sun and clouds then slowly drift out of the meditation.

Do this by slowly counting from 10 to 0, each number you count down tell yourself how deeply relaxed you are. When you get to 0, slowly open your eyes but do not move straight away enjoy the relaxation before you go about your daily routine.

You may notice as well, the first time you meditate deeply like this, you may fall asleep.

This is OK, your body must have needed it and you can try again another time. You will also see at the end of the meditation if you didn’t move at all near the end that you may felt a floating feeling.

Also, that you couldn’t feel your body, this is normal please don’t get scared during the meditation.

This is what pure relaxation is and feels like. Please let me know how it went for you with this meditate deeply exercise, did you feel any better after the exercise. Let me know in the comments at the bottom of the page.

Meditation for Beginners Candle Flame Meditation

candle flame meditation

Let us get started but first, you will need a candle, any candle doesn’t matter what type or size.

You will also need a dim-lit room and somewhere quiet to complete this meditation.

Candle flame meditation is easy to start doing which also helps with focusing and concentration.

So let us jump straight into this. Light the candle when you are ready, make sure the candle is around about 3 feet (1 meter) in front.

Start off sitting with your back straight facing the candle and taking slow deep breaths. As before make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing and the room is at the right temperature.

Now you just basically stare at the candle flame and let the flame image absorb into your mind.

Keeping your eyes fixated on the flame while taking slow deep breaths. If your mind starts to wander off do not worry too much just try to concentrate on the candle flame.

This is the whole point of the candle flame meditation the key is to focus which strengthens the whole process.

Visualize and sense the candle flame as though you are taking in its energy on every deep breath you take.

You may also start to notice when staring long enough at the flame that you only see the flame. This is perfectly normal just your brain is more focused on the image you been gazing at.

This is a great way to meditate using this candle flame meditation, also to help focus and increase attention.

Practice all the above and I will continue to add more meditation methods and will frequently update this post. I will continue to add meditations and so much more on a weekly basis.

Meditation techniques for beginners Recommended Read

meditation techniques for beginners book

In this book which is one of my favorite books contains over 45 common meditation techniques. This is a recommended read for any of you who want to learn meditation techniques for beginners.

Touches on the need for desire of meditation to fully become relaxed in the mind, body, and spirit. Learn to overcome stress and anxiety with unique guided meditations to help with our busy minds.

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Anyone can learn basic meditation techniques for beginners to advanced. Does not matter if you are spiritual or not Anyone can reap these benefits of calmness and stillness with these basic meditation techniques.

Meditation techniques in this article and if you are wanting to spiritual develop and tap into your psychic potential, then be sure to check my developing your psychic abilities article. Working with meditation and all the meditation techniques above can improve you’re well being.

Just dedicate a bit of time each day to try any of these, Meditation for beginners.

Not just your well being but health and the more spiritual you for spiritually awakening.

I will be adding much more content on this site on a daily basis so please bookmark and come back.

Please, if you did enjoy this article which I put my heart into please show your support and share the below image on Pinterest.

Thank you for reading my Spiritual Meditation techniques for beginners.

meditation for beginners

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