Top 4 Most Haunted Places in the UK to visit this Halloween

haunted places in the uk

Are you looking for some extremely eerily and seriously scary and haunted places to check out, visit and stay at this Halloween? most haunted places in the UK. The top 4 most haunted locations around the UK. If you dareā€¦

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haunted places in the uk

Halloween is ebbing ever closer and there’s nothing better to write about, and read about, than some of the most famously spooky and haunted places in the UK today! And England being England, it has so much history to it of events and times gone by, strange and mysterious places, buildings, tales, legends and more going back hundreds, if not thousands of years!

Whether it’s floating heads, orbs or just strange sounds, knocking on the walls, the sound of steps, banging, screams, groans and more! If you’re looking to read up about some of the scariest and famously haunted places in England to visit this Halloween, you’re in the right place!

Most Haunted Places in the UK

So to get you ready for Halloween and to whet your appetite for a good old scary place to visit, here’s a list of three of the scariest and most haunted places to visit for Halloween this year!

I hope you’re not reading this alone and in the dark because these are all real haunted locations you can actually visit.

Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire

The Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire is famously known to be one of the scariest and chilling places you could ever want to spend the night at. People that have stayed there have been so scared and frightened that they have even ended up jumping out of windows!

In fact, the place has such an infamous chill factor to it, that even the local’s don’t walk past it during the night time and cross the street instead. That’s saying something!

The Ancient Ram Inn is owned by landlord John Humphries who still lives there despite all the strange sightings, sounds, and smells. Despite its deep history too.

The building is an ancient building first built way back in 1145 exactly in a spot that is known to be the intersection of two ley lines. These are basically lines or paths in the landscape that are said to have high amounts of spiritual energy to them.

Moreover, the Inn is reported to be a place that highwayman would hide out in and was once a place where children were sacrificed and where black magic rituals were carried out even mass suicides were said to have taken place there.

There has certainly been a lot of sightings at this location of ghosts and spirits. Many of which have been captured on video. You can visit the Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire to take part in ghost hunts on Fridays & Saturdays from 9 PM to 3 AM.

Pendle Hill in Lancashire

Lancashire has a lot of rolling hills and secluded villages and Pendle Hill in Lancashire is a natural beauty spot and a very beautiful part of our country. However, all is not as it seems and its tranquil sights have a very dark and sinister past!

Back in 1612, one of the biggest ever witch trials took place here where many people were burned at the stake, hung or just killed on the spot for fear of being a witch!

There’s a story about a family of peasants that used to live there who were thought to have access to dark powers that could only have come about if they were in league with the devil himself.

At that time, it’s said the milk in the whole of Pendle Hill turned sour and many locals were dying of strange diseases and illnesses. Even their cattle were dying of unknown things that they couldn’t explain.

There’s a story that claims that 10 of 12 witches which were sent to trial and found guilty of witchcraft were then executed on the spot and it’s said that their souls still haunt the hill today. For that reason, for a long time after, and even today, many people were and are too afraid to go near Pendle Hill, let alone up on it!

Even today, when people visit the place, many of them end up feeling a tense feeling of anger and hate and come away feeling depleted and in a bad mood. Even to this day today, centuries after, the locals are so scared by the events that took place there many years ago that they simply don’t want to talk about it!

Alton Towers Stoke-on-Trent

Alton Towers in Stoke-on-Trent might be well known for its thrilling rides and other attractions, but there is also a darker, scarier and spookier side to it too.

Alton Towers is said to have several ghosts that haunt the parks grounds and there have been many claimed reports of sightings of ghosts and other scary things taking place.

Go back to the 1930s, way before Alton Towers was first established, the property was owned by the Talbots. And even back then one of their workers had mad complaints about ghosts being seen roaming the property and surrounding walks.

The story goes that one day on a summer evening, the worker was walking back from the train station, taking the Step Walk (a long winding path that goes upwards from the thickly wooded area that has 18 steps).

As he got towards the top of the steps he noticed a strange person stood at the top. This strange person, wearing elegant clothes, a top hat and long black cape with neat shiny shoes, (not something you would see in most people back then) then started to step down toward him and then simply said ‘Good night sir’ to him. But as soon as he had said this, and before he could reply back, it’s said the strange figure then simply vanished right in front of him.

Apparently, the worker was so frightened by what he had saw that he ran all the way back home again. Something I’m sure we can all relate to! It was only later on the next day that he told his foreman what he had saw and was asked if he had seen a black dog with him too saying that he’d seen the ghostly figure himself several times but was usually with a black dog. The fact that several people have seen this strange figure only solidifies that ghosts are real and really do haunt certain places.

Think that’s strange? After Hex was opened in 2000 at Alton Towers, a ride that is placed almost directly on top of what used to be an armoury and serves as a picture gallery to an old Gothic mansion. Hex is actually correlated with the Alton Towers curse and the walls that the ride go around well document this curse!

This is an area of Alton Towers that is said to be one of the most haunted by staff that work there and is prone to almost regular activity of the poltergeist nature. During the night, tools are said to have been moved even though there’s nobody there. And many staff have reported having stones and things thrown at them very violently and with great speed. Again, even though there is nobody around.

What is more, many guest that have been queuing up to go on the Hex ride have reported seeing young children dressed up in old style Victorian dresses and clothing. Only for them to suddenly vanish again straight after. Imagine seeing that just before you get on the ride!

Staff members have long reported seeing the ghost of a large man in the music room. And there has been many reports of heavy footsteps coming from the rooms upstairs even though when they check them they are always empty. Even in the banqueting room which is also empty, but sometimes they see dark shadowy figures.

There has been many reports of people seeing a ghost of a lady wearing a long black dress within the towers corridors and is often said to leave behind a strong smell of old fashioned perfume. In fact, one worker there thought that there was still a guest in the park after hours and asked her to leave. Much to her surprise the woman she spoke to then slowly faded away in the ether right in front of her very eyes.

Surely Alton Towers is definitely haunted. A few years back when TV’s Most Haunted visited the place, they found lots of evidence, both in the 1st and 3rd hand that would highly suggest it was haunted. They had had stones and other things thrown at them and one of them was even assaulted by an unknown entity that gave him a bruise and cut on his head and left him feeling dazed and confused.

Because of all this paranormal activity, sights of ghosts, both by staff members and visitors to the park, not to mention a deep and dark history and past, Alton Towers has become a firm favorite by ghost hunters and paranormal investigators and is surely one of the most haunted places in the UK today.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Lancashire

Blackpool Pleasure Beach ghost train cloggy

England’s most popular theme park attraction Blackpool pleasure beach in Lancashire has a few paranormal activities around Blackpool. The pleasure beach as not just 1 ghost but as over several which resides at the pleasure beach.

Blackpool Ghost Train Cloggy

Blackpool is considered to be one of the popular hot spots for one of the most haunted places in England. We all hear about amusement parks which have ghost trains, but what if there were real ghosts which haunt a ghost train. Well, Blackpool as a mischievous ghost named “Cloggy”.

Cloggy was one of the former operators for the Ghost train ride. If you visit the ghost train to this day you may also hear the footsteps of Cloggy. He is nicknamed Cloggy due to him always wearing clogs, many times people reporting the sounds of clogs while on the ride.

Blackpool Gift Shop Ghost of a Child

It is also said that the spirit of a child resides in the Blackpool’s pleasure beach gift shop. The ghost of a child said to be female around the age of 9 years old.

Maxim’s gift shop one of the pleasure beaches popular shops which as also been featured on television series Most haunted. The little girl is said to be the main culprit for moving objects around the shop. Items would move to different locations around the gift shop at night caused by the activity of the spirit girl.


Thanks for reading! We hope you find this inspiring and interesting!

What do you think of these places and stories? Would you be brave enough to visit any of them and stay in any of them for the night?

Would you walk up Pendle Hill or stay a night at the Ancient Ram Inn? You’d have to be brave if you do! Be sure to check out my article on the Europes poltergeist House 30 East Drive in Pontefract.

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