Opening the 7 Chakras Guide and Meditation

Opening the 7 Chakras

A complete guide on opening the 7 chakras. The word Chakra is Sanskrit meaning Wheel, let’s talk about chakras and each of their meanings. We will then go into opening the 7 chakras. Before we go into the whole process of opening your chakras with the meditation. Let us explain what they are and why we would want to open them in the first place.

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Opening the 7 Chakras – What Are Chakras?

There are 7 chakras (major) like on the image above in a row running from your base to the crown. Chakra is Sanskrit for “wheel” which is an energy point in certain locations on your body.

You can’t see these with the naked eye, we will look at each chakra and go over them.

If Chakras are blocked they can lead to illness or make you feel unwell and very low.

Root/Base Chakra:

The root chakra (first charka) is associated with the colour red. This chakra is a symbol of safety, survival and grounding this is located at the bottom base of your spine.

Sacral Chakra

When anyone mentions the sacral chakra (second chakra) what comes to mind is the colour orange. The meaning of the sacral chakra is sexuality, emotions and creativity. Associated with water flow, Located pelvic area 3 inches below the navel.

Solar Plexus

The solar plexus (third chakra) is the colour yellow, symbolizes mental activities, personal power and will. This is also often the area where those gut feelings come into play. The location is between the navel and the solar plexus, the upper part of the belly where your diaphragm rests.

Heart Chakra

The heart chakra (fourth chakra) is the colour green and associated with compassion, passion and love. This is the location in the centre of your chest.

The Throat Chakra

Throat chakra (fifth chakra) which is the colour blue. This is related to the expression of the truth, creative expression and also of communication. This chakra is located in the neck and shoulders region.

Third Eye Chakra ( Clairvoyance)

The third eye chakra (sixth chakra) which is an indigo color, this is the seat of your clairvoyance ability. Associated with this Chakra is intuition, the Extrasensory perception the inner eye in our mind as we call the mind’s eye.

Known as the third eye this is the most and many talked about Chakras. This is located in the center of your brows, behind the forehead (Pineal Gland).

The Crown Chakra

The Crown chakra (seventh chakra) is the color purple or often some use white. This is situated on the crown of your head, associated with the universe and universal, spirituality and consciousness.

Opening Your Chakras

Before Attempting to open your chakras please use some form of a psychic shield, psychic protection first. Why should you be protected? well, you always need to be protected when working with chakras as when you open your chakras you are open to the spirit.

This is serious so if you are seriously wanting to do this you must do psychic protection which you can find here Psychic protection page also see my article on developing your psychic abilities. Also, go over the locations of your chakras, as you will need to familiarise your self with these locations throughout this chakra meditation.

Once you learned the above we can begin, So enter the meditation state and deep breathe with the methods above. This Chakra meditation we are going to open your chakras one by one slowly. So with your eyes still closed, we will start the chakra meditation, with the deep breathing through the nose and out the mouth.

Make sure when you breathe through your nose you then hold it there for the count of 4 seconds. You can then exhale slowly out the mouth. It is important to keep repeating this process through out the meditation. Visualize your guides and angels being present with you and allowing you to be fully protected. We will now start opening 7 major chakras.

Root Chakra Opening

Now visualize a closed lotus flower starting from the base/root chakra. Some people struggle with this so if you can’t visualize this flower try a closed umbrella so when I mention opening the flower if you’re visualizing an umbrella see it open.

See this Closed lotus flower as in the color red, As you see its texture and quality see the petals slowly start to open up. Keep visualizing it opening slowly don’t rush it to open, as this opens you will feel safe and grounded. Once it is fully opened up you can move to the sacral chakra.

Sacral Chakra opening

Visualize an orange lotus flower. You feel the energy coming from this flower as you see it start to open slowly. As it opens to the fullest you will feel more connected to emotions and your creative side of things.

Solar Plexus Chakra Opening

Now visualize a bright yellow lotus flower, see it open slowly and feel those gut feelings you normally feel. When this is opened you will have more chance with will power. Once opened to the fullest move to the next chakra for the opening.

Heart Chakra Opening

See this lotus flower as a green color try to get it as clear in your mind as you can. As you start to open this slowly and once open you will feel the compassion and love it brings. You will see things in a different light.

Throat Chakra Opening

See this flower as a blue in color, see the lotus on your throat and see it opening slowly. This is the communication you use for the spirit and also in other areas of your psychic development. See it open and when then open move to the next and important chakra.

Third Eye Chakra

Visualize this flower as Indigo situated in between your brows on your forehead. You must see this as an Indigo color if some of you are not sure about the colors to visualize then look at the chart near the top of the page. See the Lotus indigo flower open slowly and feel the intuition come to you. This is an important chakra so please try to spend more time on opening this as it’s your inner vision.

This will be used for your clairvoyance so the more detail the better. You may start to see images or visions when opening this chakra so do not worry you are completely normal. Many people go through this when first working on their third eye and the capabilities it carries is very important. So open it up slowly. Once done you can then move to the last opening 7 major chakras.

The Crown Chakra

See this lotus flower on the crown of your head, see this as purple/violet or white your choice. See it open slowly as you feel the wisdom grow inside you been more open for available for you. The truth and knowledge and spirituality.


Once you have done this if you want to remain open while you practice reading a few friends. Or try to do some psychic work then do so but MOST Importantly and I cannot stress this as much but ALWAYS CLOSE them when not using them. Yes sorry about the caps there but so many don’t do this and it is vital you do.

As you will be more open to spirits and other entities. Imagine you live in a popular neighborhood. It’s like throwing your house keys in the street and shouting ” Am off out” yeah silly I know but that’s inviting everyone in your home. Just as it is with your chakras, you need to keep your spiritual self-safe.

Closing 7 major chakras

After you finished using your chakras you must close them. To do this go into a meditation state and start from the top this time. So when you visualize the white/purple lotus on the crown of your head visualize the petals coming together slowly and closing.

Then move down to the third eye and see this also closing do the same with each one. So close all the chakras when you are not using them. Start from the crown chakra, Third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root. For each chakra see the flower fully close on each chakra and slowly.

Every time you want to conduct a psychic session or practice a psychic reading for someone do this whole meditation again… Opening 7 major chakras may be fun but it’s also should be taken seriously.

Look after them and maintain them by daily opening and closing which also we will create another future post on cleansing them. Also at times some of our chakras can become blocked which can cause whos not to feel like our selves. In a future post, we will go more into this.

We also mentioned earlier in this post about spirit guides or guides and angels. If you want to find more out about your spirit guides check our Spirit guide meditation – how to contact your spirit guide here.

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