30 East Drive in Pontefract and the Black figure

Poltergeist House 30 East Drive in Pontefract

The poltergeist House 30 East Drive in Pontefract is said to be one of the most haunted houses of all time. And it’s definitely one of the most talked-about haunted houses of all times with only the Enfield Hauntings coming close.

Appearance can be deceiving, don’t let the look of this normal looking house from the outside fool you. 30 East Drive in Pontefract may look like just some house in some housing estate, but been inside with the door shut behind you is an entirely different story. Welcome, to the black monk house we know as 30 east drive.

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From the outside, number 30 East Drive in Pontefract looks like any other house on the street. It is a modest 3-bedroom semi-detached council house circa the 1950s. However, it has a sinister side hiding within.

But it wasn’t really until the movie ‘When The Lights Went Out‘ that was released in 2012 did it really start to capture the focus and attention of the public and those ghost chasers of today!

So what beholds in this strange property at 30 East Drive in Pontefract. Let us find out and see what it is all about as we dive into the story and past 30 East Drive in Pontefract.

Poltergeist House 30 East Drive

30 East Drive in Pontefract

This movie, although mostly largely over-exaggerated, the actual events that are recorded during the making of that movie were certainly not exaggerated and are official, documented events too.

The movie was actually directed by someone that was a relative to those very strange and very real events that took place in 30 East Drive, Pontefract, Pat Holden’s Aunt Jean Pritchard experienced it first hand.

Pat got to witness many strange and unexplainable paranormal activities and incidents that took place in that house and around the Pritchard family while they lived there. Some of which are bone-chilling.

Those residents and those filming at 30 East Drive all experienced some very chilling moments in time during filming. From strange noises coming from the walls even though the house has no dwellers.

The belief that the house was haunted was so strong that those people who were recording the film all believed that it could be stirring up whatever dark and evil entity back into activity again.

After the release of the movie, Pat told a local newspaper that while the movie might be a bit over-exaggerated in order to increase its popularity with viewers, she never once questioned the authenticity of the haunting.

Actual real-life events

And movies like these that are based on actual real-life events are very interesting to people since these are such extraordinary things to happen to typically ordinary people in a very ordinary house.

What you see in the movie is that the events that take place all happen around Sally Maynard who plays the part of Jean Pritchard, and her two young children Philip Pritchard (15) and Diane Pritchard (12).

Throughout the movie, as the events progress, they seem to come to a height with most of the activity is based on their youngest daughter that is Diane way back in 1966.

These events seemed to start off basic and simple at first with things like furniture moving on its own and lights turning on and off on their own as well.

But the strangest event of them is how pools of water would simply form on there own on the carpets of the living room or in the kitchen despite there being no water leak.

What is the back figure at 30 East Drive in Pontefract

There were known to be very audible and strange and creepy breathing sounds as though there was someone standing just next to you and breathing over you.

After this, a strange and ominous black figure would start to appear all the more frequently with a physical manifestation of itself which was once caught on camera.

And just like you’d come to imagine, the family had to put up with a lot of ridicule from the local community who were all mostly skeptical despite independent witnesses reporting “strange activity”.

Some of these intendant witnesses included a local police officer and even a local priest and an honorable MP too. Yet despite these trustworthy independent witnesses, many still failed to believe.

Even though this would be enough to send most people packing, they continued to stay living in the property and even managed to do so without much occurrences happening for a while.

But eventually, the activity in the house becomes more and more intense and harder to live through. Eventually, the did decide to move out in late August of 96 to happier home in Devon.

For some reason, Philip wanted to stay at the home, perhaps because he had friends and local ties to the area, along with his then grandmother that is Sarah Scholes to look out for him.

That August of 96 was known for being unbearably hot, but both Sarah and Philip both experienced cold and chilling gusts of air moving through the house and over and through them.

It was when they both witnessed what appeared to be some kind of white powder appear out of nowhere and settle on the carpets before she decided enough’s enough and vacated the house.

Sarah took Philip to her daughter Marie Kelly’s house down the road where after explaining what had happened, all decided to return to the house to see what they could make of the powder.

It was then that pools of water started forming around them again from out of nowhere. And then took the decision to contact the water board to come and see if there were any leaks.

The water board thoroughly investigated all the plumbing and pipes within the house and found no leaks anywhere in the house or anywhere on the street, the house was on for that matter.

On this same day by about 7 PM, after the water board had left it was just Philip and Sarah left in the house. And as Sarah watched some TV, she heard Philip call her name from within the kitchen.

Sarah immediately got up and ran into the kitchen to see complete chaos taking place as tea bags and sugar and other food were scattered all over the kitchen work surface and floor.

On top of this, the tea dispenser they were using would randomly spray out the area with hot tea.

They both say it kept being switched on and off again as though by a hidden hand. Now very unnerved and at the end of her wits, Sarah yelled “Stop it!” very loudly at what was going on where all of a sudden, a very loud bang from the hallway was heard.

Philip then went to see what the bang in the hallway was where the light suddenly turned on by itself and the sideboard in the hallway containing plates and crockery began to violently shake.

This was when Marie come to help her mom again and got to see the sideboard rattling and shaking violently with her own eyes although it did start to settle down a little for the night.

However, once they were all calm and collected their thoughts, they all agreed that a good night’s sleep was in order then they would speak about the events again on the next day. But while Philip went to sleep in his room, his cupboards started to swing back and forth threatening to crush him under it which was the last straw for them and they high-tailed it out of there!

Philip and his grandma then spent the night at a friend’s house and would return to the home in the morning to collect their belongings and then think about finding somewhere else to live.

However, both Philip and Sarah returned to the house the next day and for about two years things just rolled on without many very extraordinary events happening what so ever.

But for some reason, strange occurrences and violent events started happening again and this time they seemed to return with a vengeance too, especially so when they’d have a guest come round.

These events and occurrences would range from random objects flying through the air and very loud bangs coming from the walls and rooms that were empty of people.

And since these things were happening again, they invited a family friend who was a priest that could perform an exorcism on the house to try and free it from this dark and evil presence.

However, whatever evil presence or entity or spirit that was, it only responded directly to this exorcism attempt on the home in an attempt to stop them from doing that and giving up its abode.

As holy water was sprinkled about the home and blessings were said, inverted crosses would randomly appear on the walls and show up through the wallpaper without any logical reason. And even though this was done, and all the strange events they’d witnessed and suffered first hand with, it was the shadowy figure that Diane would seem to gain the most attention from.

Sometimes an invisible force would grab hold of her arms or legs and then violently pull her out of her bed onto the floor at random times of the night and on regular occasions.

Diane would also suffer bruises on the parts of the body where she had been grabbed hold of. Sometimes in the shape of the invisible hand that had grabbed hold of her.

But the final straw really was when Diane was grabbed around the throat by an invisible hand and then is said to have dragged her up the stairs into her bedroom.

After finally managing to free herself from its cold grip, there were plain and obvious markings and bruising around her throat and neck consistent with those who have been throttled.

That was about the last assault they experienced and the activity stopped as strangely as it had begun. And the Pritchard family is still coming to terms with what happened.

Could the dark figure that would appear and those that would be physically felt by those of the black monk? Because many say that it’s The Black Monk of Pontefract to be the cause for it.

The Blank Monk was said to be a 16th-century monk that was found guilty of the rape and murder of a small girl and was punished to be sentenced to death by hanging.

And the actual gallows where the monk was hung just happens to be the exact spot in Pontefract where the gallows were located way back in the 16th century.

This same location would have inevitably seen the demise of hundreds of other criminals as well. Most guilty, some innocent but still punished with a death such as the time back then.

TV Most Haunted didn’t take it seriously

Something else that has also helped to fuel this story and bring more attention to this house was the controversy caused when TV’s Most Haunted said they’d be broadcasting live from it on Halloween.

And as many people all gathered around outside the house in the dark on a freezing cold night of October, many more millions tuned in at home to watch as events unfolded on live TV.

And TV producers being the way they are, decided to play on this and staged a scene where Karl would seem to be dragged backward while walking down the stairs in the home.

But it was only later that eagle-eyed viewers re-watched and studied the scene a few times before it was finally declared to be fake. Only less than 24 hours after as well.

And fake it was! You can clearly see a rope being used in the shot where Karl is apparently dragged backward by what’s meant to be an invisible force. It was a rope and someone pulling it.

You can view this clip online on YouTube and make it what you want. While some still state it was very real, these are only those that want to keep the ratings up and the authenticity of the show.

But this was an episode that had a big adverse and embarrassing knock-on effect for the show where critics would slate them for trying to make a mockery of something they say is real.

What could be next for 30 East Drive in Pontefract? Because it’s a haunting that has inspired and caused many more investigations and TV shows to take place around it.

Some people even say they have real photographic evidence of the dark and shadowy figure that the old residents claimed to see, thought to be the Black Monk they call “Fred”.

You can even visit 30 East Drive in Pontefract property and go on a tour of it these days as well. With profits going to the family that used to live there which is some recompense for their harrowing experiences.


Whatever you think about the occurrences and disturbances that took place there, for the old residents that did, they were very real and very serious for them there’s no doubting that.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article on 30 East Drive in Pontefract, let me know what you think in the comments below.

But whether there is still a presence in the property today is another matter altogether. But one thing is for sure, this is a haunting that will capture people’s attention for years to come!

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