Psychic Protection Meditation and Grounding

psychic protection meditation

psychic protection meditation is needed to prevent psychic attacks. You can call it psychic self-defense when using any form of psychic abilities to also engaging your interactions with negative individuals.

Then Psychic protection meditation is needed and is your best bet for a defense to keep your energy levels in the positive.

This can be done in a variety of ways, the best way is the psychic protection meditation. Which I will show you how to do the psychic protection meditation in this article.

In this article, I will discuss what psychic protection is, and why we need it. Also, a powerful meditation for you to try for the positive flow of energy and psychic protected. I will also mention the different types of psychic protection.

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What is Psychic Protection and why do we need to use it?

When working with any higher energy vibrations or even in the company of negative individuals.

It is important to learn and to practice daily psychic protection as it keeps you protected from negativity.

Look it like this for example; It is kind of like shouting in your neighborhood that you are going on holiday after than throwing your house keys in the street. Yes, totally right, you will get robbed.

This is letting anyone into your home which is invading your privacy, which is the same with psychic attacks.

If you are not using any form of psychic protection you are inviting negative energies to enter your space.

This, in turn, leaving you feeling ill and very drained and it can have some bad effects on us. But this been said, it is not just with using psychic abilities?

We can use psychic protection in other scenarios, like being around negative people who we have in and around us in our lives.

I know ridiculous right?

But this is the same as not being psychic protected your allowing negative energy in.

Negativity doesn’t need your permission to enter it just does what it wants. So performing any psychic protection sets boundaries and creates a shield around you.

Everything negative will bounce right off your energy field.

Psychic Protection Meditation and Grounding – Let’s begin

So what you are going to need to do is find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Once you find somewhere to sit in a seated position and have your hands on your knees.

In this meditation, you will learn how to fully psychic protect yourself and also grounding.

Please through the entire meditation do not move a single muscle. All you need to do is focus on your breathing while breathing in through the nose and out of the mouth. When you are in a much-relaxed state now it is time for the grounding.


Your eyes should be still closed as you visualize a pure white light hovering above your head. See the light getting brighter and brighter as it moves down through the center of the crown of your head.

As it goes through the top of your head it is moving down the through your body. While it moves down it is depleting the negativity from your body allowing you to be more at peace in relaxation.

When the energy finally reaches the bottom of your entire being. See it growing roots at the bottom near your feet and connecting you to the roots of the earth. I now want you to see the roots glowing with positive energy as the energy goes up through the roots and goes through your body.

You are now full of positivity and are connected to the earth and fully grounded. Now that you are connected to the earth’s energy and are safely grounded it is time to combine this with the psychic protection meditation step.

Psychic Protection meditation

Similar to the above but this time I want you to see a ball of pure white light floating above your head. As you deep breath in you see the ball growing and growing.

The ball carries on to grow until the ball is slightly bigger than you. As you continue this psychic protection meditation and see the ball bigger than you, I want you to visualize climbing into this ball.

If you struggle with visualizing a ball of light you can visualize a bubble. Once you are inside this ball/bubble feel its energy encircle you with the love and protection from the highest vibrations. As it gets brighter and brighter filling your body with positive energy and keeping you protected and acting as a psychic shield.

The energy from God and the angels. Practice doing this psychic protection meditation and grounding process daily until it becomes second nature. Whenever you do this exercise it will protect you from negative energy which is also useful to stop you going through any future psychic attacks.

Another Grounding Technique Method

With your eyes remaining closed, imagine you’re in a field and in the distance, you see a house with a beautiful garden.

Visualize walking over there and enter the garden you can smell the flowers and see a big oak tree. Go near this tree and take a deep breath and see your feet growing roots. The roots then go through the ground. This will ground you and is very important to be grounded.

Now also visualize a white light shining down upon you and it takes the form of a bubble. This will be a bit bigger than you are, when it floats near you see it floats on to you see you are now in this bubble. With your eyes still remaining closed take another deep breath.

I want you to do the following now either out loud or in your mind say ” I call upon my spirit guides and of the angels, to help me on my spiritual journey and to help me along the way”.

You can also add, “Help me as I walk along my path on my spiritual journey only allowing the positive energy to enter my life”. You can also say you want them to be around you every time you meditate or psychic practice and work. To help guide you and prevent any form of psychic attack.

When doing this meditation try to visualize has clear as you can, as if it was real. The more real it looks and feels the better outcome you will have. Once completed take deep breaths counting down from 10 to 0 slowly and then slowly open your eyes.

Once you have learned this and done it effectively you can try our opening chakras, which will allow you to open up to spirits and psychic intuition.

Archangel Michael prayer for cleansing and protection

Never feel defeated if it means you have to gather as much strength as you can to call upon Archangel Michael.

He’s the Archangel who offers protection with his courage, strength and the greatest good to help serve your needs.

Call out for him whenever you are struggling in life and needing the protection while going through troubling times.

Check the Archangel Michael prayer below, also be sure to add bits in if you so wish to. Make it your own prayer to be unique and special.

Archangel Michael prayer

“Archangel Michael, with the love and light please surround and me with the pure white light of love and protection. Allow only positivity around me and within my life.

Please also, be around me when at times I need giving me your support and protection.

Help me and guide me on the right track as I walk on this spiritual journey, for my highest and greatest good”. Amen.

Psychic protection book Recommended Read

best psychic protection book

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You will learn also how to protect yourself from low and negative energies.

In this book of psychic protection, you will learn

  • Strengthen your psychic health
  • Overcome negative relationships
  • Free yourself from fear and self-doubt
  • Deal confidently with difficult people
  • Become attuned to spiritual guidance
  • Live in harmony with others
  • Maintain boundaries that keep you safe

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It is very important when working with any form of higher energies and psychic development to implement psychic protection.

It is also wise to combine grounding and protection together. Be sure to also check out further information on meditation if you need to, I have written an in-depth article on different types of meditations for beginners.

Learn to ground yourself with the psychic protection meditation and grounding process and you will not protect yourself while performing any psychic practice. You will also feel more energized with positive energy.

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