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Sue Miller-Rolt Psychic Clairvoyant & Rainbow Witch & Reviews

  • Renowned Psychic / Clairvoyant
  • Psychic To The Stars
  • Many Years of Experience
  • High Priestess & Rainbow
  • Tarot / Runes / Oracles
  • Lotions & Potions

Sue has been a psychic since the age of three and has managed to help and assist many people over the years. She has received positive reviews in newspapers such as the Sun and the Times and has appeared on numerous television shows showcasing her skills.

I am a psychic healer and clairvoyant, I read the tarot cards, runes reading, angel cards and I am a high priestess and a rainbow witch and I create personal spells for any situation that you may find yourself in.

Spells created for your own personification candles, oils, bath crystals, powders, incense, dolls, and all magical symbolic items. Examples of some spells are love, financial, success, health, protection, immigration, court cases, and clearing of negativity, etc.

The Crystal Ball is used as an instrument to obtain future information.

The Tarot consists of 78 cards giving the clairvoyant information regarding the client’s circumstances. This also includes the major arcana.

Reviews of Sue Miller

Sue is excellent can’t find words to explain. When I first met Sue I felt so comfortable. My life was falling apart sue help me. I can honestly recommend sue to anyone. I am so happy I get 100% success my problems are all gone. Thank you, Sue, you are great. Business Response 27 Aug 2019
O thankyou Verona for your kind words. I am so thrilled that I managed to turn your life around and now you are so happy.


I have been going to see sue for a number of years. Sue is always spot on with her readings. She is kind and caring and always takes time to listen to you. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Business Response 22 Aug 2019
Thank you Sandra glad to have helped x


Wonderful experience my god, Sue is amazing! She has helped me so much over the years and has given me better clarity on many people and situations. She has helped me with my self-esteem and confidence, she is been supportive, empathetic, and understanding in a non-judgemental and very accepting way.

She sees things from every angle and blows me away on how accurate she is. Honestly! So I would recommend her to anyone who would like some clarity in there life on any issues. She was right on the money in regards to my past, my present and future hopes and fears.

She opens my eyes to all aspects of my life. And she reassures me that my life purpose is divinely guided and supported. I always leave her feeling absolutely confident about myself and my life! Her predictions come true and her wisdom is so inspiring.

Sue is such a gifted and wonderful healer and psychic. I always most definitely recommend her to my family and friends. Business Response 19 Aug 2019
Thank you so much for your kind words Joann am so glad to have helped you. X

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