10 Spiritual Awakening Signs You Must Know

Spiritual awakening signs and how they can happen spontaneously and can leave someone wondering what is happening to them. Maybe you are one of the people who are struggling with some life-changing situations and spiritual awakening signs.

Also below we will take you through a spiritual awakening meditation.

All About Spiritual Awakening Signs You Must Know about when learning the spiritual world and psychic. I will learn you all about spiritual awakening signs that you should know and will go into a few different areas for you to explore.

Well, it is helpful to know these symptoms of life-changing experiences at hand. In this blog post, we will go over spiritual awakening signs.

Here is a Quotation from Spiritual Awakening Process

If you are in a spiritual awakening as I define it, you do not control it, and it doesn’t matter if you have a spiritual practice or not. It doesn’t matter if you think you are spiritual or not. This energy guides you.

What is Spiritual Awakening?

What is Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual awakening is a phase/transition many go through which helps them find their true selves. Many people go through life wanting to know more and have started to realize like “why am I here”, “what is my purpose” they want to dive deeper into this.

Some may have had NDE which stands for the near-death experience which can open up a lot of peoples eyes. Which some reports in seeing bright white lights to even angel and spirit beings. Which leads one wanting to find out more about there experience.

When going through a spiritual awakening there can be pleasantries and sometimes not so good experience. We as humans go through a lot and when going through the awakening you may feel your moods change from time to time to even been very emotional and also feeling empathy for others.

This is not always a simple and pleasant process. During spiritual awakening, lots of changes happen at different levels: physical, mental, emotional and social. But all these changes always for the best, because the Universe is cleansing the space for something new and good to come.

Spiritual Awakening Signs

I have put together the most common Spiritual awakening signs to help those determine if they feel they are going through this phase.

Whether you feel you are going through this and also the signs during spiritual awakening you need to look out for. Here are some of the 10 common signs of spiritual awakening.

10 spiritual awakening signs and symptoms

Belief system changes: Your entire belief system changes which things you thought were normal ain’t so normal after all. You start to question things at all perspectives and wish to learn more.

Maybe you have kept the same belief system over 10 years. You may also find you are stuck in the same routine that you been doing for some years now and you feel the need to change something.

Drawn to Spiritual matters & Psychic development: You may feel drawn to the psychic and paranormal world whether it is witchcraft, psychics and even spirits.

You may want to know more and learn how to develop your own psychic abilities. In which bookmark this website as I will be doing much more content on psychic development and where to start.

Senses heightened: This may fall into the above category with psychic development and wanting to have a better understanding of which senses you hone and why they are heightened.

You may find that you have warm hands and often they tingle this can also reflect on the psychic healing ability.

Many reports seeing colors around others and objects this is through there sight of vision which is the auric field you are seeing.

Sleep patterns: Some may find who seem to be experiencing a spiritual awakening that there sleep patterns are all over.

They tend to over think things when they are trying to go to sleep some who struggle with sleep can often be an indication of spiritual awakening.

A majority of people are wakening up at times such as 2:00 AM and 3:00 Am and 4:00 Am.

Sudden Changes: Have you kept the same routine for 5 to 10 years or maybe more. All of a sudden you just start changing something, this could be something small and simple.

Maybe you walk the same way to a certain place, but all of a sudden you go a different route. It is often the smaller things which show we are going through changes in our lives.

Sensing the pain of others (Empathy): I like to call this empathy, well it is empathy. You can sense when others are down and upset, angry or just depressed. But often when this also occurs it also drains you.

Have you ever consoled a friend who as being emotional and you made them feel a lot better about themselves?

Then when they leave you, now you feel drained and just feel like crap. This is one of the top spiritual awakening signs you can get.

Power Surges: You may from time to time feel like some kind of powerful energy is emanating from you. I am not suggestion superman powers but you probably get what I mean. Ever had an electric shock feeling,

I don’t mean when you put the hands in the electric sockets, you get the same feeling but when you were just sat doing nothing.

You also seem to cause interference like the signal on the television changes when you’re near it. All these suggest power surges within you is a sure spiritual awakening sign.

Dream World & Vivid Dreams: This can be broken down in many ways of your dream world. One of the major signs of spiritual awakening to go through is very vivid dreams and also lucid dreams.

Signs of spiritual awakening meaningful dreams, you know the dream can relate to what is going off at this moment of time which is so meaningful.

The dream may have felt so real that it woke you up and you couldn’t explain what you were feeling in the dream.

Also, you may have had a dream and then at a later date you went through an experience which you once dreamed about it.

Often this comes in with Deja vu. This has happened to me many times in the past.

Telepathy and Synchronicity: You can connect with someone close, maybe your phone rings and you know who it is before you answer it. You may question yourself sometimes “oh it was a coincidence”.

Well, if your right a lot of the time no it is not any kind of coincidence it is a spiritual awakening sign.

Communication with Spirit: You may notice you can sense spirit from loved ones in spirit to angels and guides. This is one of the best ways of knowing that you are going through spiritual awakening.

I think this is also one of the most rewarding signs to go through and when I did the same many years ago, it was one of my best moments.

There is so much more which can easily indicate that you are going through spiritual awakening signs.

How to achieve spiritual awakening

How to achieve spiritual awakening

The best place to start on how to achieve spiritual awakening is, to be honest. We will discuss this before moving on to the spiritual awakening meditation.

That is right, be honest not to just others but also to yourself which will also help with your confidence and self-esteem.

Take your mind off the spiritual awakening signs for a moment and just sit back and think more about yourself.

What I mean is think about the past and certain situations you found yourself in and how you coped.

Sounds silly I know depending on what thoughts you are bringing up, maybe it was something upsetting.

I am not saying this to bring up old wounds to get you emotional but it is the thought on how you came out of it to where you are today.

The next thing is to kill that ego, Maybe you are one of these people who wants all eyes on them.

Maybe you thrive the attention, maybe not I am not ruling anyone out here but there are some who are far too big headed.

Spiritually minded people are more caring and down to earth with life in its self.

They tend to question reality and try to find out what is real and what is not.

The whole learning process begins and you may find yourself scouring the internet googling phrases to learn more. Perhaps that is why you are here through a search you made.

They say everything happens for a reason, the reason you are here is apart of your spiritual awakening. Why is that?

Well, you are wanting to learn more and more about the subject and the whole process in how it works and how you can enjoy the fruits as well.

The most important part of your spiritual growth in order for the spiritual awakening signs to show more is?

FORGIVE PEOPLE and yourself, if there are any wrongdoings in family or friends depending on what they did just try to forgive them.

Maybe you have been a little bit too hard on yourself, then forgive yourself and move on.

If you feel you are very spiritual awakened and would like to progress on with psychic development be sure to bookmark this site.

I will be creating articles daily on psychic development to help everyone wanting to learn.

I have created a few articles so far on Auras, Clairvoyance and also a meditation for beginners. Also, check out our top recommendations on which are the best Psychic development books and also Angel cards to get.

Spiritual Awakening Through Binaural Beats

Before we begin with this deep meditation to help towards your goal and achieve spiritual awakening.

Let us look at your brain pattern which alters while we go deeper into these relaxed states of mind.

These below can be altered with the use of binaural beats; Which is audio and software you can get to help alter your brainwave and behaviour patterns.

40 Hz Gamma waves: Perception which can cause a fluctuation of Higher mental activity, problem-solving, consciousness

13–40 Hz Beta waves: Focused thinking, busy and concentration, Active arousal, memory

7–13 Hz Alpha waves: Deep relaxation (while awake), pre-awake drowsiness pre-sleep

4–7 Hz Theta waves: Deep relaxation & meditation, dream state, REM sleep and also astral projection

4 Hz Delta waves: loss of body awareness and deep dreamless sleep

Spiritual Awakening Meditation

Find yourself a comfortable spot and when you are ready to begin start by closing your eyes. Once your eyes are close start focusing on your breathing.

As you inhale and hold for the count of 5 and then slowly exhale. When I meditate I always deep breathe through the nose, as this helps the relaxation much faster.

As you deep breathe through your nostrils you are placing more oxygen to the brain. This is allowing you to reach a much more desired state of mind and relaxation. Feel the positivity on each inhale and calm and still as you go deeper and deeper.

As you focus your intentions on every breath you take you are training your mind to be calm. You heard the saying if someone ticks you off “Take a deep breath and calm down”.

This is all we are doing in this spiritual awakening meditation. Every breath you take is closer to the relaxation you are needing and will be reaching.

As you keep deep breathing in through the nose and holding few moments then exhaling out through the mouth. I want you to keep repeating this method of breathing while you keep still and visualize in your mind a beam of light.

A bright white light coming from the sky and coming through the roof of your home. As the light comes through your roof and shines down on you as it absorbs your entire being. Feel the love, the energy and the positivity this light is showering down on you.

Keep deep breathing as the light fills you up with enlightenment and positivity, calmness and deep relaxation. Deep breath and tell yourself you are calmer and at peace. Sit in this relaxation for at least 10 minutes, feel the love as the light offers a bubble of protection and a connection to your spiritual self.

Enjoy this sit at this moment until you feel more energized and then when ready slowly come out of the spiritual awakening meditation by visualizing the number 20 in your mind. As you see it count down from 20 to 0 slowly.

When it reaches 0 slowly open your eyes. Sit still where you are for a few moments to enjoy the peace of mind and relaxation. Make notes in your notebook or journal to keep track of your progress.

Spiritual Awakening FAQ

I often get emails asking me more about spiritual awakening signs like the information all in this article. So let us go through some of the basic spiritual awakening questions I get asked. I will answer them to the best of my knowledge. I will keep adding to this section more questions, so feel free to comment below and ask your questions I will be sure to answer them and add them to this article.

What are the signs of spiritual awakening?

  • Heightened Senses
  • Much more clarity on your life’s purpose
  • Strong bond and feeling of empathy
  • Learning to forgive others more easily
  • You find yourself in nature more

I also mentioned more of the signs earlier on in this post. Scroll up to read the 10 signs of spiritual awakening.

How do I become Spiritually Awakened?

  • Declutter Detox – The first step is to get rid of the clutter in your life. So do a spring clean around your home and get rid of items you no longer need. Also, detox yourself drink more fluids preferably water.
  • Go outdoors more often, take nature walks and deep breathe in the air of nature. Going for long walks through nature is not just good exercise but it is also good for the mind, body, and spirit. Also, pay attention to your walks, look around more often than you would normally.
  • Good old meditation, doing this daily is great for your health and for deeper relaxation. Being in a much better state of mind helps you grow spiritually. Setting aside just 10 to 15 minutes a day in meditation makes all difference. I mention numerous times about meditations in my articles as it is the main key.
  • Time to let go of the past and look forward to a brighter future. You need to let go or even learn to let go. Sometimes there are certain aspects in our lives which we tend to keep a hold of. If this is stopping you to progress than it is time to let go.
  • Change of routine is always a good one, this could be something as small as changing the route to work or to the convenient store. Changing something you have done for many years like walking to the store down the road, maybe go a different route to get there.
  • Thinking Positive, being positive brings positive. Try it, it works, the next time you find yourself about to think negative quickly change this with a positive.

Implementing all the above will help you become one step closer to reaching a much more better understanding. A step closer in the right direction to seeing spiritual awakening signs. This may take time so just be patient all will come.


Finally the most important part of spiritual awakening in MEDITATION. I can’t stress enough on how important this is in your spiritual life. Be sure to check out our meditation for beginners if your new to the whole meditation.

This is the main key to your spiritual awareness it holds so many possibilities and also a stress-free life.

Meditation is crucial in spiritualism to be at one with yourself and to fine-tune and hear your inner voice.

Feel free to check out my other posts which I will be updating weekly and adding more content for everyone.

I discuss posts on meditation, psychic development, psychic abilities and also health.

I want to help you but you also got to help yourself and put in some work from my site into your life.

Really glad you stopped by and thank you, everyone, for your support, thank you for reading All About Spiritual Awakening Signs You Must Know.

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